Quote of the day—Mary Sanchez

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been the best membership recruitment tool the NRA could hope for: a walking, talking, Big Gulp-banning embodiment of government overreach. And look what he’s done now, given the NRA yet another gift on the eve of its national convention.

Mary Sanchez
April 18, 2014
Bloomberg’s The Wrong Guy To Lead Gun Safety Push
[She’s anti-gun but she’s not politically stupid.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mary Sanchez

  1. And she hates it because she realizes bloombutt is too much of an arrogant narcissistic ass, who now apparently considers himself a demi-god to ever take advice to “step away from the podium” from a mere mortal.

    And, not surprisingly, she’s ignorant about gun owners along with NRA membership. Membership didn’t rapidly increase in the last few years with only her so-called “reasonable” gun owners.

    Also, with the last 5 years of gun sales (thanks obungo say the gun manufacturers), especially the last 15 months, along with the noted disobeying of the EBR registration laws in CN and NY (which she neglected to mention for some unknown reason (*cough-cough*) this vast horde of middle ground gun owners exists only in her mind, or her lies. Take your pick.

  2. That’s pretty interesting; an anti that, in this case anyway, sounds exactly like a pro. She definitely has some reasoning ability. Anyone who would use the language, “a walking, talking, Big Gulp-banning embodiment of government overreach” can probably be reached, and maybe even rescued from the Dark Side.

    The wholly mesmerized leftist wouldn’t speak of government over-reach, as that would be a form of blasphemy. It would be like speaking out against your union, or your mob boss– You just don’t do that.

    It would be worse than a Christian saying there’s too much God, or that God has been over-reaching here or there. Other Christians would never start wondering whether you’re still useful or whether it’s time to rub you out.

    Mary Sanchez is wrong on one thing, though– It isn’t Bloomberg. Obama is the greatest gift to the NRA and to the various gun-related industries. Bloomberg is an also-ran. He gets a participation award.

    Of course there are always two kinds of leftists: the perpetrators and the duped. Most of the authoritarians we hear from are of the latter, or duped, category (the well-meaning, but deceived. The Minions, the foot soldiers, the expendables). The perpetrator class of course needs some limited reasoning ability, but that doesn’t make them “reachable”. It means they’re more dangerous than the average, mind-numbed, Progressive follower.

  3. Mary Sanchez doesn’t appear to hate gun owners or want them disarmed and kept away from her. The only think I didn’t like about that article was the nonsense about “military-grade weapons” which in reality are exactly the same as civilian-grade ones. But I think that was the product of ignorance, not malice. Mary Sanchez does not appear to want to wholly disarm poor and middle-class Americans, as Bloomberg does. She just wants there to be (for example) fewer suicides, hasn’t found out that “assault weapons” do not actually exist.

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