The Bundys speak directly

Interview here. Horse’s mouth and all (not that I’m calling anyone a horse).

Peaceful, cool-headed, principled resistance always works best, but it only works when backed by a substantial, credible force. Doubly so when you’re up against un-principled, arrogant foes. A thousand militia, just being there, will drain the sense of impunity right out of an aggressor. A was said elsewhere;

“No more free Wacos.”

I still don’t fully understand this particular conflict, but it is clear that these people and their supporters have grit, and that’s refreshing to see.

I hope the militia had night vision, some fifties, and some form of aerial surveillance. It’ll be needed next time. This is how the peace is kept.


5 thoughts on “The Bundys speak directly

  1. You could tell something was going to happen. They day before the FAA issued a NOTAM closing the airspace above the ranch. I’m not sure what spooked the government troops, but something sure did.

  2. “Not sure what spooked the government troops”

    My vote would be the hundreds of pissed off people with guns.

    Despite their best efforts to make it look otherwise, I don’t believe that the Federal Government actually intended to slaughter those people at Waco or the Weavers in Sandpoint. I think that there were a couple of hotheads in the mix that spurred things on unnecessarily (the shoot on site order at Ruby Ridge, for instance, or say, Lon Horiuchi), but if you really held a gun to my head and asked my honest opinion on the matter, I would have to say that very few people in the Government actually wanted to hurt anybody.

    I’d venture to guess that they learned their lessons from those two horrible examples, and figured out that it isn’t necessary for them to escalate already tense situations, and that it is possible to back off, regroup, and let things cool down for a bit.

    I don’t think for a second that they’re finished with Bundy. I also think that there is little chance that this will end without bloodshed, and I think that the net result will be bad – worse than things are now. As in, “you think grazing rights on BLM land are shit now? Just wait until we trade bullets over it, plebe!”. Don’t expect the government to loosen the screws just because a few “reich wing terrorist tea-baggers” got all uppity (their words, not mine). I think that what we’re seeing is FedGovCo 2.0, though, because of the differing tactics displayed after the last two standoffs. There is no “go in, damn the torpedoes, they will submit or die!” going on.

    I think that they’re waiting for the media focus to die down and steal Bundy’s bully pulpit from him, and then they’ll strike.

    By the way, has Lon Horiuchi died of horrendously painful dick cancer yet, or is there still no justice in this world?

    • I sincerely hope you’re right about the .gov learning lessons. However, I’m guessing it was the armed resistance, combined with a whole lotta cameras rolling. Both sides are now studying game film, and adjusting accordingly.

  3. Pretty sure the feds know the identity of every single person that was there in support of Bundy. Next time they’ll be detained individually before they even get close to the ranch.

    • THIS is just another trigger point for the shooting to start. As soon as this is discovered to be happening, some of those arresting agents will start to die, and it will snowball from there. I can’t see this result NOT happening, if the .gov continues to be stupid. Interesting times ahead.

      I’m in my 60’s, and I expect this nation to fall, before I run out of time. Of course, I think the world map won’t be very recognizable twenty years from now, either. The world is way overdue for a major rework, judging from history. I think we missed our chance to get into space for real.

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