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There can be no compromise with the gun haters. They want to ban all firearms and disarm everyone except the servants of the State. First vilification of firearms in the name of “safety”, then registration,then confiscation.

The Constitution is very clear. What part of “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is so hard to understand?

Danny Ross
April 15, 2014
Comment to America needs to find middle ground on gun control issue
[There are some issues for which there is no compromise. Can we compromise on the 13th Amendment (which made slavery illegal)? The Second Amendment is for the restraint of a tyrannical government. Almost any compromise on the Second Amendment is compromise with a tyrant.

The scale of the tyrant can vary from an individual criminal, to a gang, to a corrupt city government, to an entire nation. Anti-gun people are the allies and/or useful idiots of tyrants. You don’t negotiate or compromise with tyrants of any scale. You defeat them.—Joe]


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  1. The gun grabbers’ position on “compromise” is reminiscent of the Palestinian’s. Both think it means “you give in, and then I make you give in some more”. And, amazingly, both have largely gotten away with it.

  2. friends:

    buy guns. buy ammo. buy components for reloading, … , cases, powders, primers and bullets.

    be jealous of your rights, and just damned prickly about anyone dinking w/ them.

    be prepared to kill to defend them.

    it’s that simple. we are long past the point of sophisticated discourse. we are to the point where we fight to protect our freedoms, or give them up. do not argue w/ the bastards, do not discuss things with them.

    just let them know you are prepared to shoot them if they show up on your door, or to go after them in their own houses if need be. again, it’s that simple.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon usa

    • John, while I agree fully with your sentement, I also believe that the Servants of the Endarkenment would like nothing better than for us to prove them right (that we are dangerous, violent maniacs) by shooting first and talking later or not at all.

      Yes; TAKE A STAND, but take a stand FOR peace, principles, cool-headed discernment, human liberty and dignity. This is a very, very narrow and dangerous path and for taking it we will be forced to suffer, but it is the only path to victory.

        • ubu, and I am speaking for myself and the folks that *I* know, all share Lyle’s sentiment.

          Obviously, not all gun owners feel that way, but many of us do.

      • Lyle, while I agree with you on principle, I think you have made a logic error. Those who hate liberty are not interested in anything so banal as ‘proof’. They have already painted us as dangerous, evil, insane, and so on.

        When someone has made their mind up already in such a situation, it sorely limits one’s peaceful options.

  3. “This is what makes the issue of gun control so complicated. There truly is data on both sides that supports either argument.”

    Peterson Syndrome, wherein the author has an inability to reason, use data, or test hypotheses for truthfulness, is clear here.

    Nothing more need be said about him.

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