Quote of the day—“Richard Nixon”

The Usian love of guns. Basically all the immigrants from Europe left because they had small penises and were forced to leave their countries because women would laugh at them. In the New World they could play around with guns and religion to compensate for this and to impress the girlies.

So taking away a gun from a small dicked Usian is tantamouint to emsaculating him and thus the howls of outcry it produces.

Only countries with males who are secure about their dick size tend to ban guns for example the UK.

“Richard Nixon”
July 26, 2001
Comment to The Terrible Truth About Gun Owners
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

“Usian” is their code word for people in the United States. “Richard Nixon” is the handle for someone other than President Richard Nixon who died in 1994.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—“Richard Nixon”

  1. “Richard Nixon” is the handle for someone other than President Richard Nixon who died in 1994.”

    With the fake having then about as much reasoning capacity as the real RMN has now.

  2. He does have a point. A disarmed society *is* emasculated. Disarmed, feminized men will turn to a totalitarian state to take care of things the individuals and charitible organizations should.

  3. In my experience people who call Americans “Usians” call people from “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” Mexicans and not EUians nor EEUUians nor EUMians.

  4. One wonders what s/he thinks of all those redcoats, carrying Brown Bess muskets (among other ‘compensations’), who were defeated by those “small-dicked Usians”? Shouldn’t they have just marched across The Colonies with their trouser snakes out?
    If s/he’s so all-fired worried about it (assuming the writer is a Briton), shouldn’t they do so today?
    If s/he is not British, shouldn’t s/he make for that shore with all possible haste, and leave us distasteful, barbaric heathens the hell alone?
    In other words: Hey dipshit, your utopian, disarmed, peace-loving rainbow-and-butterflies ideal already exists elsewhere. So go there, and quit f*cking with MY knuckle-dragging, over-violent, gun-crazy ideal, huh?

  5. Strong talk for some limey ponce who would be speaking German if it wasn’t for us Usians.

  6. I would rather have a really small dick then a really small brain like you do, Tricky

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