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How sad that the Democratic Communists are now employing children in their war against the United States Constitution. Also, isn’t strange that the Constitution does not make any provisions for automobiles? But it does for firearms. Makes you wonder how they can make a comparison. In any case, using hate speech to violate Americans rights is simply a crime and those responsible should be arrested and jailed just as any other bigot or church burning hater.

April 10, 2014
Comment to 8th graders’ gun control film wins national prize
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. And of course whenever “Let’s treat guns like cars” comes up, the idea of nationwide reciprocity and shall issue permiting isn’t what the antis mean.

    Nor that the DMV doesn’t issue a liscense to *own* or even drive, but one to drive on public streets. Analagous to a carry permit no?

    Course that merely shows they’re either ignorant of how car law works, or they need a friendly stalking horse for their true goal: registration.

    • No, NOT analogous to a carry permit.

      You can “carry” a motor vehicle on public streets, by towing it. You can transport it, ready to get in and drive away, on a simple trailer. even if the motor vehicle being transported is not road-legal, is not registered and tagged, and has no insurance. (I have way too many friends who own non-road-legal military vehicles to overlook this. )

      A driver’s license is analogous to government permission to DISCHARGE a firearm on government property — such as hunting on government-owned ground or practicing at a government owned target range.

      • Yes, you could make the argument that one is merely transporting their firearm via its holster.

        This is especially true as when someone is carrying they only intend to discharge a weapon under emergency circumstances. (Unless they are literally carrying their gun to the range to practice).

        And often local ordinances that prohibit weapons discharge within town limits have an exemption for discharge under said circumstances.

        However, this still means that regardless of intepretation (yours or mine) treating “guns like cars” would not require a universal registration and insurance. And carry permits would either A) be shall issue and have nation wide reciprocity or B) not be required for carry.

        Which does support the idea that not only are the antis dishonest (shock I know) but that they are also ignorant of car law.

        • Yup — self defensive _use_ would fall under the same “emergency necessity” that says you can drive an unlicensed farm truck (not even “Farm Use” tags)on a public road, without having a license (or even having a revoked license), if it is a reasonable alternative to dying. Which, for guns, would equate to Constitutional Carry. . .

  2. Communists/socialists/Fascists/Nazis have ALWAYS targeted youth in an attempt to shift their allegiances toward evil. The game is to use a young person’s natural insecurity, inexperience, dependency, desire to fit in, and rebellious tendencies, as leverage points to flip their allegiances. One could say that the implementation of public education was a major first step. The socialist transformation of youth was highly advanced in this country, nation-wide, by the 1960s. By the early 1970s the average American’s mode of thinking was basically Marxist. The use of “We” (meaning the coercive power of government) was practically universal by then. My mother, who was but a child during W.W. II, had been flipped by the time she was married in her teens. She adored FDR.

    All my teachers in high school in the ’70s were either mildly socialist or outright communist/revolutionary in their thinking. I wrote an essay for a high school Creative Writing class, in which I described the human race as a cancer on the planet Earth, and my teacher LOVED it, offering suggestions on how I could expand and expound on the idea. A+

  3. Propaganda works both ways. I teach my children to use reason and logic, and I teach them how to safely operate firearms. I do not feed them conclusion. They are intelligent enough to get to those themselves.

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