Xenia on display

Daughter Xenia is going to have some of her art on display at the University of Alaska Anchorage this week:

One of this year’s Student Showcase presenters, Xenia Vlieger, has been interested in art, storytelling and theater since elementary school.

“As I got older, I became more anxious doing theater and more interested in storytelling through images,” she said. She graduated last fall with a bachelor’s degree in art, with an emphasis in photography, but was still allowed to participate in Student Showcase for images she made in 2013—including an experimental photography piece entitled, “Thank God I don’t think out loud.”

Xania Vlieger poses for a photo with one of her photographs in the room where she will exhibit her work for the Student Showcase in Rasmuson Hall on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage in Anchorage, Alaska Friday, April 4, 2014.

She is also giving a presentation and “will discuss self-portraits and why they are important, her process for creating the piece—including how the image was conceptualized, edited and then printed—and also, how the symbolism of the image and materials used to create the piece relate to each other.”

Very cool Xenia!


3 thoughts on “Xenia on display

  1. Looks like no Campus Carry for her this legislative session barring a miracle. Bill stalled in the Finance Committee.

  2. She has graduated and will be moving soon so even if it had passed it probably wouldn’t have been in time to make a difference to her.

    Thanks for trying though.

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