Quote of the day—Christopher Hill

Using a decade old conviction of the father of a child killed by gunfire to uphold your “right” to intimidate others by carrying an unconcealed penis-extension, oops, I mean handgun, is an abomination. His child was murdered and you are nothing but a piece of shit.

Christopher Hill
Burlington, Vermont
Email to Connecticut Carry May 8, 2013
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T to Rich Burgess for the comment and link.

It certainly seems that in the eyes of anti-gun people victimhood is analogous to sainthood and their character must not be questioned.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Christopher Hill

  1. Victimhood is the foundation of all leftist/authoritarian systems. All leftists, even the most sequestered and ignorant, know instinctively that if the Foundation of Victimhood is compromised, everything that’s been built upon it comes tumbling down.

    Most of what a leftist does in social integration centers around reinforcing that FoV.

  2. Where’s the anger at the OPERATOR of the gun?? Last I looked, guns don’t fire themselves without some kind of human intervention…..

    Oh, drat! Silly me…..the “human” in question had a bad childhood and has anger management issues/substance abuse issues/whatever and so isn’t to blame…….we must blame the hardware, because then we can blame those nasty gun owners who had nothing to do with it……..

    How much brain damage can one human have and still function?

  3. I have a hard time comprehending the sight of a gun in a holster as being in itself intimidating. I know there are people who find it so, but I don’t share the feeling. Perhaps it is because I’m familiar with guns, or perhaps it is because, being of slight stature I have always been around people who were enough bigger than me to intimidate me if I let them.

    In some cases, I think those who complain about intimidation are merely projecting their own desire to control others through intimidation. The sight of a gun reminds them that they cannot always intimidate and control others.

    • I think that’s pretty accurate. I also think there’s been so much demonization of regular citizen gun owners that the bigotry factor kicks in, much the same way a proud KKK member might react when meeting a mixed race couple. We’re stupid, violent, red-neck, bumpkin, sister-humping terrorists-in-waiting with something to prove due our small penises, right? And so if you’ve accepted or have been at all influenced by that characterization you’re going to be upset when you meet a gun owner.

      Underlying all that of course is your description of what has been called the chain-of-command of bullies and cowards, every bully/coward being a coward before greater bullies and a bully before weaker cowards.

      There is, always has been and always will be only one reason to attempt to disarm regular citizens, and that is because you want to bully them.

      The greatest threat to the criminal mind is the honest mind, and the greatest threat among honest minds is the armed, honest mind. Every tyrant, gangster, socialist, petty thief, two-bit child abuser or school-yard bully knows this instinctively. Therefore they HAVE NO CHOICE but to rail against the second amendment and human rights in general, and to smear anyone who upholds the principals of liberty.

      Having neighbors of principal, conviction and perception, with the ability and willingness to articulate the principals, who are also armed and well versed in the use of arms; what COULD be more of a threat on Earth to those who would openly despise or seek to enslave their neighbors?

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