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NRA – The True American Domestic Terrorists.

February 2014
Comment to Supreme Court rejects NRA appeals
[And what do you speculate he might think would be appropriate treatment for “True American Domestic Terrorists”? People need to exercise their right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves from people like critical1234.—Joe]


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  1. Acronym fail. If they’re not going to actually do something, I wish they’d shut up.

  2. I suppose we’re going to need a comprehensive list of the violent crimes committed by leftist/Progressive/communist/Fascist/authoritarian/government union types, both globally and in the U.S., compared to the list of violent crimes committed by those who advocate life and liberty.

    What do you figure; about a million to one?

    It seems like a ridiculous question, really. Gosh it don’t know let’s see, who’s more likely to hurt someone; the person who thinks people need to be controlled, educated by the government, shaped, herded, restricted, redistributed and ordered, or the person who upholds the sanctity of life and liberty?

    Impossibly tough question or a stupidly obvious one? Let’s hear from ubu one this one.

    So, ubu, who’s more likely a threat to his neighbors? The grievance monger who believes in coercive redistribution, advocates licensing and rationing of basically everything, thinks there are billions too many people on the planet already and that people are a disease upon the Earth, OR the person who upholds the protection of human life, liberty and property rights as the only valid function of government?

    It’s really the same question as; who’s more dangerous, an attacker or a defender? The answer comes down to who you have sided with prior to hearing the question. For myself, as a defender, I would hope that I am or could be far more dangerous to an attacker than that attacker is to me, while at the same time I am, on my worst day, a total non threat to anyone who’s NOT on the attack.

    Now any run of the mill communist worth his rations and his daily carbon footprint allowance could take that last paragraph and turn it on its head. THEY are the defenders (of the planet and of fairness) and freedom advocates are the attackers trying to thwart the armies of fairness at every turn and tear down their beautiful, glorious and painstakingly built redistribution machine.

    That is where critical1234’s quote originates. YES; the NRA and all freedom advocates ARE A THREAT (to authoritarianism). That’s the whole point of self defense and defense of liberty– to be a bigger threat to authoritarians and common thugs than they can handle.

    • Not.just a comprehensive list of the atrocities. A list of those who advocate against freedom and for the coming Hunger Games. Perhaps even have the wear a sign, similar to Bill Engvall’s I’m Stupid sign. I love Fascism or somesuch. Then you see a Person in Danger! I should assist. Oh! I’m sorry, didn’t see your sign. Carry on becoming dead. I might notify your next of kin. I’m helpful that way. Would’ve been happy to help you out, but you don’t like guns, or people who stand up to thugs, so I’ll drink some coffee. I’m fine with people being mindless twits, but stop dragging me into your awesomely awesome Utopia of skittles and unicorn farts.

  3. most of the violent death in the 19th & 20th century is attributable to the socialist/communist left. or, another reductionist, as hitler.

    lots of places list the record killer of the 20th century.

    i am 66 years of age. when i was younger, in n.e. oregon we didn’t have problems w/ leftists and socialists …. we ate them during hard winters. we’ve always been a little hard pressed economic, so it had a salutary effect on two fronts: a good source of meat, though stringy and scrawny, and it kept the pissing and moaning levels manageable.

    something to think about. i guess we could do about the same thing now, but omit the eating part.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

    b.a. whitman college, 1970
    j.d., u or oregon law school, 1977

    p.s. he’s kidding, right? well, you figure it out.

  4. correction —

    “economically” & not economic. i guess the lack of protein this winter has left me a little enfeebled on the proof reading front.

  5. Remember that Hitler was a socialist, too. Socialist, communist, fascist — all synonyms for freedom-hating statist.

    • And Progressive, which is a communist who plans to achieve full communism by increments over time.

      The various kinds of statists often fight each other, but then so do street gangs, and street gangs don’t fight other street gangs because they’re anti gang in their ideology.

      Basically then, you have conservative libertarians on one hand, and people who fight everyone around them on the other. So who are the terrorists?

      You have people who want to be left alone and leave others alone, and then you have the statists who cannot leave anyone alone. So who are the terrorists?

      There are people who love liberty and want everyone to be free, and those who don’t. So who are the terrorists?

      There are those who believe on the sanctity of life and those who don’t. So who are the terrorists?

      I’d mention pots that call kettles black, but then I’d be called a racist, by racists.

      • “Progressive” is a call-back to the people who admired Hitler, tried all sorts of eugenics experiments, and generally did horrible things. That people can label themselves this without it ending their public life is a sad statement on how well the American press does its job.

  6. To be fair, the quoted person does have a point*:

    After all, can anyone here suggest anything more likely to induce terror in a collectivist or aspiring tyrant** than the idea of an armed free citizenry?

    *I would imagine, though, that the quoted person uses some combination of hair style and other head coverings to conceal said point….

    **Please forgive me for repeating myself.

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