We have interesting friends

Some friends of ours are leaving the area for a year or two and we recently said goodbye to them. We had only met them a few months ago but really liked them. They are very smart, happy, high energy people. When we went on the cruise in the Bahamas last month we invited them to go with us. There was no one else we even considered.

They didn’t go. They said they really tried to make it work but just couldn’t. The fact that it was a Disney Cruise did not seem to be an issue.

In my personal life I keep this blog in the background and don’t bring it up unless I think they are going to be okay with it. I hadn’t mentioned it to them until this last meeting. I explained it was a little controversial and could bother some people.

It turns out they have blogs that are “interesting” too.

NOT safe for work.

Blissfully Open and Compersive Times.

We have interesting friends.


6 thoughts on “We have interesting friends

    • There are two blogs. One written by “Ellen” the other by “Nick”. While there are certainly pornographic components to the posts they are all true stories. I think it would be more accurate to say they are writing about the adventures and dynamics of a non-monogamous relationship than to say they write porn.

      No. They do not live in southern California.

      • I know they don’t live in Southern California now — I wonder if they lived here before? The San Fernando Valley is a hotbed for pornography. http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question86892.html I’ve known quite a few people who’ve worked in the porn industry in all sorts of different jobs.

        Their writing reminds me of some of the stuff you used to find in magazines back in the ’70s and ’80s, pre-AIDS, when there were a lot more “swingers.” Not Playboy, but maybe Penthouse letters? Or Hustler?

        ” I think it would be more accurate to say they are writing about the adventures and dynamics of a non-monogamous relationship than to say they write porn.” Surely, you jest. They are writing about sexual escapades, not about drinks and dinner where they share emotional intimacy with someone who is not their spouse.

        Anyway, check out some of the older porn magazines. You’ll find lots of writing just like this.

        • I know a number of places they have lived. But California was not one they ever mentioned. And certainly not since they entered into this lifestyle. They began about a year and a half ago when he was overseas on business for several months. Read his first blog post.

          Who said anything about emotional intimacy with someone other than their spouses? They go to sex clubs.

          Yes, there is a lot of pornographic stuff described, especially her blog. Yes, it’s a lot like Penthouse Letters (as I remember them from the 70’s and 80’s, I haven’t read them in years). But if you read carefully, especially Nick’s blog ,you will see there is a lot of relationship dynamics as well as the porn. It is very personal stuff. I was more than a little surprised they shared so much with us. I have to wonder if they would not have done that if it had not been they are leaving the country in the next few weeks and that we may not see them again for years, if ever.

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