The Land – a real playground

An interesting article in The Atlantic Magazine. A “junk yard” playground that is very popular. Apparently the story is making the rounds in my kid’s school district. I doubt it will change anything, but it’s a start. It’s similar to one from Kiwi Land.

Upshot of the two: more reasonable risk-taking, fewer rules, more natural consequences are better for kids than bubble-wrap and bureaucracy. Well, duh!

Right in line with your memories of the dump, Lyle.


5 thoughts on “The Land – a real playground

  1. That’s not a “playground”, that is just being poor.
    Seems to me that America has two kinds of growing up poor now: poor rural, where the kids go outside, and poor urban where the kids stay inside all the time, and rarely see 4 different rooms per week (even counting school).

  2. I grew up with a junk yard across the street in Houston. It was the most fun you could have. At least until old man Baxter started after you anyway.

  3. There were several playgrounds in an easy walk from my house as a kid. Instead my friends and I spent our time playing in the swamp, in the woods, or in a drainage ditch that was heavily overgrown we called “Dead Man River”.

    Mud, rocks, trees, cuts, blood. Way more fun than swinging on the swings!

  4. There were many adventures in the large amount of woods were I grew up, which one day led me to a junkyard. The holy grail of a 7 year old trying to build a tree house.

    Somehow I survived and had a bitchin’ fort.

    Creeks, streams, bogs, woodlands, rocky terrain. Great times.

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