Quote of the day—Matt Bors

You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store. We need fewer guns so fewer people shoot their feet off, kill their girlfriends, kill themselves, and go on shooting sprees.

You can have guns for hunting. You can have them to ward off Mexican drug lords or whoever is going to storm into your house. Keep them there, in a locked safe. And if we by chance ever need a well-regulated militia for a revolution or zombie apocalypse, by god, we’re going to be really happy you were born with a micro-penis.

Matt Bors
September 17, 2013
Dear Gun Nuts
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T correia45.

I love how he tells us all these unsupported conclusions then gives us permission to exercise a subset of our specific enumerated rights as if he is the dictator of this country.

I think he is suffering from an exaggerated sense of, well, almost everything.—Joe]


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  1. Um…..how does one use them for defense against those ravening hordes if its locked in a safe? And since most accidents happen at home…… his idea is self defeating.


  2. “You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store.”

    But this same gungrabber would call someone with a gun (AHEM, COPS) to shoot the same terrorist.

      • Of course we would call a cop if we could.

        Every cop comes with a free serving of qualified immunity.

      • Sure. After the threat is neutralized.

        You and the rest of your ilk would have us sitting around on our thumbs waiting 5-15 minutes for the cops to arrive to neutralize the threat.

        No thanks. You are more than welcome to be a victim if you like, but do not dare presume to force us to be one as well.

      • Hell, yes, I’d call a cop.

        Unless the situation goes Biblically pear-shaped before I have time, or before the cops have time to respond.

        Given that very often, these things (including all killing by the criminals) are generally over LONG before the cops show up, even if called right away, I’d rather not be sitting around, absolutely helpless because bigots with paranoid delusions about their fellow citizens are afraid of inanimate objects.

      • Can I make this a refrain: Are you getting paid to do this, day after day after day after…?

  3. It’s classic, age-old bigotry; attempt to discredit, insult and impugn to set the stage for an attack. Only this time the thing being attacked is the very concept of human rights. May as well go for the whole enchilada I guess.

    In religious parlance it would be called “judgment” and the warning against judgment is, “Judge not, lest you be judged”.

  4. …and when a CCW holder stops a mall or church shooting they ignore it entirely. Can’t win against complete denial.

  5. Soooooooooooo….first I have to shoot my feet off. Then my girlfriend, when she comes to see what I did and why I’m bleeding out all over the place, she gets shot. After that, while I’m comatose on the floor, I unconsciously shoot myself. Then my gun gets possessed by my angsty disembodied spirit and hovers out into the street (I’m assuming that its accompanied by some really awesome, really creepy pipe-organ solo playing from unknown sources) and starts killing everyone who comes to see just what the eff is up with all that racket. Man….I don’t think even Hollywood is whacked enough to come up with a scenario like that!

  6. “You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store.”

    Neither will the vast majority of cops. Most never fire their weapons in the line of duty.

    I was a field LEO for ten years and never took it out of my holster “in anger.”

    So what’s his point?

  7. I have come to the conclusion that the expert opinion of anyone except me, is subject to a waste of my time if I dig into it. The writer doesn’t carry a firearm, but knows what is happening because ???? he has an expert opinion I won’t waste my time digging into.

  8. There were quite a few people in Kenya who never thought they’d have to shoot a terrorist at the mall, but…

    There were quite a few people in Mumbai who would have loved to have a gun at hand when terrorists were rampaging through their city…

    And the animals who slaughtered that British soldier in London should have been put down on the spot, but no one had a gun at hand…

    • Damnit. You beat me to that perfect example.

      Another way of looking at it is through Sebastian D’Souza’s eyes, after taking the pictures of the terrorists in Mumbai: “I only wish I had a gun, not a camera.”

      Indeed. If he was anywhere near a decent shot, the angle of his pictures indicates he could have taken more than a few of those terrorists. But the “benevolent” government of India has largely decided its people are safer disarmed. That works out well… for the terrorists.

  9. Matt Bors is simply insane. There’s nothing unusual about that. I’d say that there’s nothing to see here, and to move along, but his quote can be upheld as yet another example of insanity making a lame attempt to appear sane. This one is mildly interesting in that it acknowledges self defense as a valid concept, and then seeks to drastically limit self defense to the point where it would be near impossible.

    But then any and all attempts to make insanity appear sane are self-contradictory in some way, either more or less blatant. This is one of the more blatant is all. Maybe we’re seeing a trend in that. Joe Biden is another such example, as he acknowledges self defense with a firearm, but then recommends firing a shotgun (blindly) through a closed door as the better alternative to keeping an AR type carbine. We can only hope for more of this blatant insanity, as it’s an improvement over the more subtle varieties.

    Eventually all insanity infected bodies (whether they be individuals or whole societies) must run amok in a final expression of open, wild, violent hatred. If this trend is as I suspect, we’re getting pretty close to that Final Solution stage.

    It has been said that Progressives are communist revolutionaries with patience. I call it “incremental communism”. Same thing. Eventually though, they will have to make their final expression (Final Solution) of rage and destruction. That “Last Lap”, if you will, the final sprint to the finish line, otherwise all the patience (incrementalism) will have been for naught. That Final Day of Rage (or hundred years of rage and murder) is its one and only purpose.

  10. Matt, please know this me and my micro-penis will do more good in this world than you and your micro-brain could ever imagine.

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