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When I was in battle on Okinawa as a Marine, I had a Browning Automatic Rifle. I’ll swear it just wouldn’t fire unless I flipped it off of safety and pulled the trigger.

I have a small rifle in my home. When I go to bed at night, it’s near me. I have yet to hear it fire on its own. Guns are inanimate, mechanical devices that hurt no one by themselves.

Way back when there were no guns, people used rocks, bows and arrows, spears, swords, daggers, poison and slingshots to kill one another.

They didn’t kill people on their own. It took people to use them. Same thing with guns.

Arlo Becker
March 14, 2014
Letter: Obama’s potential gun control attempts useless
[It’s really quite simple but it seems we have to keep repeating it because so many of the simpletons just don’t get it.—Joe]


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  1. Today’s “Gun Death?” File is a domestic murder where a girlfriend stabbed her boyfriend to death with a kitchen knife.

    Even when I was a dirt-poor bachelor living in a cheap apartment with a roommate I had a drawer filled with kitchen knives, and so does EVERYBODY else.

    Yet everybody else doesn’t commit these kind of murders.

    The tool is irrelevant, and the dangerous item is the people who commit these crimes. Sean Sorrentino does a series called “Felons Behaving Badly” showing that the the people who DO commit violent offenses are indeed known to the public, so the idea that we can’t deal with the problem is also foolish.


    The fact that the “Progressives” fight so hard to ban guns against all facts and logic show that they indeed must have ulterior motives, or mental problems themselves.

  2. Inadvertently, Arlo Becker points out that Chris Rock is right: We need bullet control, not gun control.

    • Ultimately it’s all about people control, so whatever it takes. Ban this, restrict that, get people falling in line, looking over their shoulders, suspecting their neighbors, getting frustrated at the insanity of it all, worrying about the future, and you’ve got them in th palm of your hand. Until they finally wake up and go after you, seeking justice. Then, yeah, I guess you’d better hope they’re unarmed, and your people have all the guns.

    • Yeah, bullet control — which means restiricting access to the very items necessary to ensure your defensive arm is capable of being used effectively.

      I’ll note that most limits on ammunition proposed are either prohibitive taxes per round, or ceilings on how much you can buy or possess that are LAUGHABLY low for anyone who practices on a regular, if casual, basis. (100 rounds for a SINGLE practice session is pretty casual. And at 100 rounds per range trip, you run through your “authorized” amount of ammunition very quickly.)

      • Of course, that’s the whole idea. Effectively ban guns while pretending not to.

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