Countdown deal

For that that are interested, and have not already bought a copy, there is a “countdown deal” going on at Amazon for The Stars Came Back, running through the Ides of March (because it’s a killer deal). Right now it’s $0.99, then up to $1.99, then back to regular price. (Quick edit just in case it’s not clear: it’s an e-book only at the present time, though I’m working on a paper version… and other things)

Best comment on a one-star review, where the person called it “garbage,” and said “it’s in a screenplay format. Who even does that?” someone replied with “Stephen King.”


12 thoughts on “Countdown deal

        • I thought that was likely it, but I think I needed more tags or facial expression to be sure. Hope you like the ending. BTW – are you the same SPQR I’ve seen posting at Sarah Hoyt’s blog from time to time?

          • I have absolutely nothing to do with that scumbag SPQR that posts at Sarah’s blog. Nope. Nothing. Never heard of it, err …. him.


    • If you really like it, I’ll let you buy another at full price, later :-).
      But more seriously, if you like it, tell a friend or five when you are done.

  1. Sweet. I can’t wait to finally find out how it ends. I reviewed it as well.

    • Thanks for the review, as long as it was a good one 🙂 Hope you like the ending. I tried to leave an impression.

      Price is up to $1.99 now.

  2. I bought the book a few weeks back and just got around to starting it today. I am enthralled. I wasn’t sure about the screenplay format at first, but now I can’t put it down. I am about 1/3 of the way through it and expect to be done in a couple days.

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