13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Warren Stupidity

  1. Cops should only carry j-frames? Oh,he was talking about the serfs.

  2. It’s unbelievable how many fucking morons like that exist. Apparently Darwin was wrong.
    We need to lock up all of the people who say you could never deport all the illegals, but who think you could lock up all the gun owners.
    It never ceases to amaze me how unashamedly the collectivist morons discuss, debate, and try to justify in their twisted, self-centered minds how to take our rights, never realizing that they would not like, and likely would not survive, what would happen should they actually try.
    Clueless as they are, and being state worshipers with no sense of independence, they can’t conceive that, while we are generally non-violent, and, unlike them, predisposed to allow others to live as they choose as long as they show us the same courtesy, that we’d fight them to the death to prevent them from taking our rights and freedom and condemning us to live, as they do, like sheeple.

    • It’s not so much that Darwin was wrong, as that his theory of natural selection is modeled after animals living with no human intervention. The variations more predisposed to the current conditions will pass along their genetic advantages to their offspring, which ensures the survival of the species in general and those advantageous traits in particular.

      The theory falls apart when you introduce human intervention. If a species is endangered – for ANY reason, and some are perfectly natural – we tend to keep some in zoos, perpetuating the survival of a species Nature and Nature’s God have chosen for extinction. We do the same with humans that would likely not survive unless other humans who are smarter and/or more equipped for survival specifically take the time to care for them – case in point: Mr. Warren Stupidity.

      This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just part of what it means to be human. The same thing that makes us more lethal hunters despite our lack of size, speed, teeth, and claws (that would be our brains), also makes us sympathetic to those less fortunate/equipped than ourselves.

      • When you intervene in natural selection you end up with misfits like Warren.
        Eventually, you’ll end up either supporting them because they can’t (or in the case of “progressives” WON’T) support themselves, or you end up having to fight them because they’ve multiplied to the point where their murderous, collectivist, tyrannical inclinations make them a clear and present danger to civilized, decent society.
        In either case, like an infestation of cockroaches or any other vermin, it’s best to nip it in the bud before it gets too out of control.

  3. It could be sarcasm.

    But why five shots? By what principle is it OK to have a gun at all if we little people can’t be trusted with more than five shots? If ten is too many, by what principle is five shots OK? If five is OK, by what principle is ten too many? Is it that murdering five people is acceptable, or is it that saving ten (or thirty or a hundred) lives is unacceptable?

  4. For that matter, what is the sudden magic of five? 20 years ago the magic number was ten, why not four, then three then two, or one, and why any, as is the case in (f)GB.

    In the War on Stupidity, Warren Stupidity is a Kapo, stooling for the guards for an extra half-kilo of sawdust bread.

    • Don’t forget that when Bill Ruger was seeing the sales of his 15-round P85 family being threatened by the 17-round Glock 17, the Magic Number was “15”.

  5. ” is larger than around 5 shots”

    In the grand scheme of things, 30 is around 5. I think 100 is pretty close to 5 too. Much closer than 1000 is. So let’s compromise. I promise not to use any magazine over 500 rounds. Deal?

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