“Gun control” in a nutshell

This in response to Uncle‘s post about NJ banning tube-fed 22s;

Well sure. If criminals already enjoy a government-enforced monopoly on more powerful guns, why not grant them a government-enforced monopoly on some of the most popular rimfire 22s as well?

It makes perfect sense to me– A corrupt government has more to fear from honest citizens than from other corrupt individuals, and so they’ll invariably attack, impugn and attempt to weaken honest citizens in every way imaginable. It comes from a simple and obvious (and entirely correct) threat assessment.

“We struggle not with flesh and blood, but with Principalities, and corruption in high places.”

That’s the long and short of it. It’s all you need to understand about weapon restriction (and politics in general). To put it even more simply; To consolidate power you must weaken the individual.

If there is a Prince of Darkness, this is his motto. So what then is the antidote? Strengthen the individual of course, and it starts with you.


4 thoughts on ““Gun control” in a nutshell

  1. sirs:

    buy guns. buy ammo. buy the “fixings” for ammo, and the equipment to make it.

    practice. practice. practice.

    know what your ancient rights and liberties are, starting w/ locke, blackstone, and “the federalists.” read washington d.c. versus heller. understand why the “freedom to contract” means so much, as opposed to limited rights derived from “status,” under the anglo-saxon-norman law.

    be jealous, extremely jealous of your rights and liberties.

    be ready to fight over & for them, at the drop of a hat, at the slightest insult to the same. by “fight,” i mean recourse to arms and the willingness to kill in order to protect and preserve your rights.

    john jay

    p.s. it is all, just that simple. but, reading is very important. understand, quite clearly, that it does no good to invoke the founding fathers with the corrupt pack of tyrants who “run things” right now, …. , they are contemptuous of such things.

    understand what you are about. and, act to preserve your rights and liberties, and those of persons who think and are of like disposition to you. fuck everyone else. period.

    this is not a damned popularity contest.

  2. ‘Nuther OT, looks like Sen Cornyn is walking away with the primary win. Early returns @62% even in Lubbock County. Sigh. Good news though, Dewhurst may not reach 50%, meaning a runoff. Patrick has the high number, but still shy of half. That’s the scenario that got us Ted Cruz. Would love to see Dewhurst gone. He’s used the Lt Gov slot to shoot down a lot of good, slam dunk bills. Campus Carry, Open Carry, Tax Refom, etc. He’s put Dems in charge of half the commitee chairs. In Tx, the Lt Gov is head of the St Senate.

    I’d seriously considered not voting, been some good arguments made by Poretto and others about withdrawing your consent. What decided it for me to continue on is that states like Texas, Idaho, and others need to be as strong as possible for the Burning Times, so I grudgingly did my part. Including voting against my six term US Rep who has been decent overall, but has gotten rather wealthy in that time. I am still proud of him for yelling “it’s a baby killer” during the ZeroCare “debate”. Put the Statist’s knickers in a twist.

  3. Forgot to add: The Gov race had a R on the ballot named “Secede Kilgore”. Glad Abbot has almost full support, he’s a Ted Cruz type of guy, but Mr Kilgore on the ballot made me smile.

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