Quote of the day—Glen Reynolds

Are there any TV shows where the male hosts all chortle about their masturbation methods?

Glenn Reynolds
February 19, 2014
[Probably not and I don’t really care. Part of the reason is probably because of an anti-men agenda of the media. And the other part is probably because men don’t have the capacity to enjoy orgasms at a rate that requires electric motors powered from 117V household mains to keep up with them.

But it is interesting that talk about sex in the mainstream media appears to be becoming more acceptable.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glen Reynolds

  1. I’m not surprised women on TV are willing to talk about such things. Firstly, they talk about more intimate things than men do, secondly, they are less able to compartmentalize than men are able to, which can be seen in how trouble in one aspect of their lives tends to affect other parts in ways it would not affect other parts of men’s lives, thirdly, to not talk about it might be seen in their particular social circle as “not being true to her sexuality”, or somehow, “denying her sexuality”. but most of all, because there are fewer and fewer things that just aren’t talked about in today’s leftist bubble society, which the media is only the most visible part (One’s own money being about the only notable exception any more).

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