Quote of the day—Barb L.

They should have chocolate covered frozen bananas. That’s totally a Disney food group.

Barb L.
February 19, 2014
[This was while on a Disney Island in the Bahamas.–Joe


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barb L.

  1. Wait. Wait. Wait. There’s a Disney Island in the Bahamas?
    Is that where Peter Pan and the three Darling children flew?

  2. Truly, there will only be two corporations 100 years from now.
    McDisneysoft, and SixflagsCitiWarner.

  3. I’ll see your chocolate-covered frozen bananas and raise you some vanilla ice cream, malted milk and peanut butter. Put it all in a blender and make a shake out of it. A chocolate peanut butter banana malt shake. We used to order those at the Clayton Drive-in, and they’d look at us funny, but then they added it to their menue. 40 years later I think you can still get it.

    Let’s see; it has friut, dairy, nuts, grain and chocolate– Have it with a venison steak and you’ve got all the basic food groups. I don’t know of Disney is cool enough to offer that though.

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