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Visible from my office in downtown Seattle is a street Barb calls Mugme Street. Just walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight makes all kinds of alarms go off in my head. It is rare that I don’t see at least one, and sometimes a half dozen cops, loitering around within a one block length of the street. They remind me of vultures in orbit waiting for another body to dispose of.

On February 19th:

The victim in the attack was leaving a store near 3rd and Pike Around 10:30 PM on February 19th, when five men jumped him.

The suspects knocked the victim to the ground, where they punched and kicked him. The victim was able to get up and run from the suspects, but was attacked again further down the street.

After receiving a 911 call about the incident, medics arrived and transported the victim to Harborview, where police interviewed him about the incident.

The victim, who was left with bruises and cuts all over his head and body, wasn’t able to give police many details about the suspects, only describing them as ”five black males.”

On February 21st:

Just shortly before midnight, officers responded to a call of a shooting at 3rd Ave and Pine St. Officers located the victim in the alley behind a business  (the 200 block of Pine St – alley north.)

While there were a number of people with and around the victim, no one could provide information about what happened.  A garbage truck driver that was nearby said that he saw a group of young males get out of two vehicles that were parked in the lot. They crossed Pine St and went around the corner into the 1500 block of 2nd Ave.

A short time later, he heard a pop, possibly a gunshot, and the group then came running back around the corner.

The 17-year-old victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center by Seattle Fire medics with non-life threatening injuries.

Although I had previously seen the reports Ry also sent me a link to the first report and Rolf emailed me a link to the second.


3 thoughts on “Mugme Street news

  1. After lunch one day back in the early ’80s, I decided to walk down a block I’d never been on before. It was this block:

    I’m sure I was wearing a nice dress or a suit and high heels. I remember getting to about the middle of the block and feeling creeped out by the young men just hanging around staring. I kept walking because I had already committed to walking down this particular block and there really wasn’t any turning around and going a different way. I remember looking directly into several people’s eyes because that is what I have always done in scary places. I wanted them to know that I could see them.

    Anyway, I made it to the next safe street and never walked down that particular block again, no matter how bright and sunny a day it was.

    This was also the same block where the Rampart police scandal started.

      • I’ve been in a lot of scary places but that was the first time I ever got a really bad vibe off the whole street. When I got back to work, I found out some of my coworkers had walked down that street before too — and learned that once was enough. We only worked a block away.

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