Just my luck

Barb and I went on a cruise last week. One of the things we did was enter in a raffle for various spa services. We had to be present to win. They put all the entries in a box, announced what service they were drawing for, and then pulled an entry out of the box.

Just my luck. I won the “Keratin Hair Treatment”.


I took off my hat and walked up to accept the certificate as the entire crowd roared with laughter. I heard one person, jokingly, ask someone else, “Do you suppose this one was staged?”

I gave the hair treatment certificate to Barb. While she got her hair treated I got a back massage from the masseuse Carol.


4 thoughts on “Just my luck

  1. Nuthin’ like a deep tissue massage! Also, Shiatzu massagers. Got one of the foot massagers a few years ago, it’s like sex for your feet!

    • Indeed. I know a couple of masseuses that make you all but scream while you are in there on the slab table, but when they are done things work a lot better. Kind of like PT, but beating up much larger pieces of your anatomy than just one small body part.
      Of course, PT can be interesting, too. Had a problem with sudden shooting pains in my foot with no discernible pattern. The PT looks me over, pushes gently here and there, and pronounces “pelvis is out of whack.” A couple of adjustments and exercises to do at home later, foot is nearly back to 100%. My PT always loves seeing me – every time I go in it’s something different, usually something he hasn’t seen in a decade or more, one problem that he’d never treated, and only briefly learned about in PT school decades ago. The foot thing was the first easy/regular problem he’d ever treated me for.

  2. Oh man I know the feeling! No amount of Rogaine will help except as a moisturizer. They took my bald-picture (and fingerprints, and $, and application) for CCW today…

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