Quote of the day—Perspecticus

Sure, you could be a “protector”. Or you could be a tiny-dicked meathead who likes to show everybody what a tough guy he is.

February 10, 2014
Comment made at 2/10/2014 8:35 AM PST to Second Amendment applies to carrying guns in cars
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Perspecticus

  1. The sublime beauty of this comment is that it applies equally to the anti-carry, anti-liberty big government shill, which the commenter is an excellent example.

    • The statement is of course entirely true– you COULD be this or you COULD be that. There are only two options given, but Perspecticus does not claim that they are the only two possibilities.

      Nor are the two options given as being mutually exclusive– One could be a true protector AND a tiny-dicked meathead who likes to show people what a tough guy he is. And what’s wrong with that, after all? A person could certainly be worse things than that.

      • What of you’re a tiny-dicked meathead who likes to show people what a weak victim he is? Isn’t that far worse? I mean, surely it’s better to be tough, so long as you’re tough in the right ways, than obsessing on your Victimhood.

        And who cares about the size of your dick anyway, really? If that’s one of your major concerns, one way or the other, or even if it’s one of your wife’s major concerns, then you’re both quite pathetic is all I can say about that. Even if your life were absolutely perfect, such that there was nothing on Earth that need concern you other than the size of your penis, you’re still pathetic, and I don’t want to speak with you, for if that were the case, in some unbelievably amazingly wonderful world, you should properly be so grateful for the fact that the world is so wonderful that you’d hardly ever have any time to consider either the immensity or the diminutive nature, or indeed the normalcy for that matter, of your penis. Since the world of Man is not near so perfect, and there is thus so much to be done to improve it, your penis size is of no particular concern by comparison.

  2. Arguably, the same ‘either/or’ assessment could be made by Joe Citizen when approached by the Police.

  3. Don’t lift a finger and be a “protector” for this guy if he is ever about to be murdered by a thug. We wouldn’t want to perturb his simply adorable view of gun owners.

  4. I’ve forgotten where I first read it, (Robb Allen, perhaps?) but I’ve always liked the comment, “Hell yes I’m compensating for my penis. I’m compensating for the fact that it won’t launch a projectile at 1,000 feet per second.”

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