7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Warren Stupidity

  1. May I point out that the killing of people either in mass or singular is already a felony. Why the means of the killing should differentiate the penalty eludes logic.

  2. What I hear from them: Your box with a spring in it is too large! Warrggggllllbbbbllll!

  3. The complete lack of comprehension there is mind-boggling. Comparing guns to pianos, even. (paraphrased: I like music, I have a piano, but I only have one, nobody needs more than one piano! ). Just wow.
    OK, let’s just say it’s a great idea, bud; you wanna take point in going house to house?

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  5. All that rage… the absolute conviction that Something Will Be Done and The American People Are On Our Side. I love how it resulted in nothing, save for the recalls of a few politicians in Colorado.

  6. The ignorance of the anti-rights cultists are only exceeded by their arrogance. A recent news article on KOMO ( http://www.komonews.com/news/local/stolen-WSP-equipment-could-lead-to-trooper-impersonation-246445891.html ) used the term “magazine clips” as being among the stolen items.
    One of the comments:
    Yes, really. They [magazine clips] are like giant paperclips, used to hold the pages of a magazine like Popular Mechanics or Vogue together, so they don’t close and lose your place while you are reading them while walking on your treadmill at the gym. I thought everyone knew about them. The 9mm size is only for smaller things, like readers digest, while the 45 ACP (Automatic Clip, Periodical) is for larger items like National Geographic. If you need to hold two or more items of reading material, then you need the high-capacity magazine clips.

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