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If one man, or woman, in 3000 can zero in on and ventilate just one of the loyalists who are supporting the unconstitutional government, the war will be over rather quickly.

The power of a single bullet cannot be understated.

January 12, 2014
Comment to Tyrants beware. 4th Generation Warfare: How the next civil war will be fought.
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  1. I disagree, unfortunately.

    The battle is cultural. If it were just a few hundred politicians scattered about the populace, it’d be an easy change. However, you could fire every last one of them, and within one or two election cycles, the same types would be put back into power.

    As I said on Twitter, when the riots come to America, it won’t be people fighting in the streets for freedom, they’ll be fighting because the freebies stopped. When the shooting starts, it’ll be neighbor against neighbor, not patriots against the tyrants.

    • Good point. The first word in the posted quote though is “If”, and it is a farily big one.

      The War Between the States show many, many examples of neighbors fighting neighbors, with high principles like liberty and tyranny having nothing to do with the fights. Some “fights” eventually turned into roving gangs killing and looting for nothing but plunder, and they didn’t necessarily care who they attacked.

    • When the shooting starts, it’ll be neighbor against neighbor, not patriots against the tyrants.


      When the country devolves to the point of naked violence, it will not be “North vs. South”, or even state vs. state… it will be house against house as people finally realize the gravy train has well and truly derailed, and, no, the check from the government will not be magically appearing in their mailbox.

      Or, worse, no, the lights will not be coming back on for a while.

      It might be entertaining to fantasize of perforating the politicians, but the truth of the matter is that they are not the problem; the people who elected them are. And if your system of government hinges on the wholesale murder of people who voted in a way you do not like, your system of government is wrong.

      Of course, now that I realize the site where that comment was posted, I should have known better…

    • “The battle is cultural. If it were just a few hundred politicians scattered about the populace, it’d be an easy change.”

      Can’t disagree on the battle being cultural but you might want to do the math: 1 in 3000 works out to 300,000 “politicians” — a significant difference. As “they” say: quantity has a quality all of its own. Not that I think there’s much chance of it happening.

  2. Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies trilogy” is a cautionary tale on this topic. Especially the first volume, which shows just what the anti-gun liars could do if they set their mind to it. Some are already close to that — Bloomberg comes to mind.

    • I’m reading through it for the first time right now. Just finished the first book the other day.

      What’s truly scary about Bracken’s dystopian writing is not the events, the situations, or the characters – it’s just how little needs to change for the events to occur in real life, and in very short order.

  3. Some good points. Then there IS the matter of the Oath. All politicians and law enforcement are supposedly sworn to uphold and protect the constitution, and it is a personal oath that doesn’t merely allow that person to judge the constitutionality of any law or action, it demands it. In other words, it isn’t supposed to matter what the voters want, unless that want is expressed in a duly ratified amendment to the constitution.

    Point being that the buck does in fact stop with the political class and its charges, at least by law, for what that’s worth.

    • Seeing the way things are going, we have to ask how long it will be before the oath takes on a completely different form, or is simply skipped (where have we seen That before?). For a long time now it’s been taken, but ignored, and there is a very big bunch of bureaucrats, with a lot of power, who haven’t taken it. So far the hope has been that no one will remember it, or that those who do will be put down as fools.

      • In any case it is no small matter that those who have sworn to protect liberty have turned and attacked it, or had no intention of protecting it from the start. Let us never forget that.

    • Politicians, with only one or two rare examples, spit on their oath.

      For example: “There’s nothing in the constitution that says the Federal government has got anything to do with most of the stuff that we do.” — James Clyburn (D-SC)

  4. Fundamentally wrong.
    Aristocracy is fundamentally military in nature. Not military in the sense of combat, but military in the sense of loyalty, obedience, camaraderie – every sense except actually working.

    The Left in America is an aristocracy. Young kids want to belong. Old lonely people want to belong. Hipsters belong. They don’t mind the lies, the bullying, the ostracizing, as long as their team wins.

    The part of the right that is an aristocracy is just as rotten and evil as the Left.

    The part of the right that holds for liberty, truth, and justice is fundamentally not an aristocracy. The need to belong, to conform, to destroy the Other, doesn’t exist.

    Ruthful fighting the ruthless. Not everyone votes, but 52% of voters (minus fraud) voted for totalitarianism.

  5. I would point out that in the Ukraine, we saw govt security thugs deploy snipers offensively. Consider counter sniper tactics.

  6. The primary issue against 4th generation war is, if no one is positioned to bring leadership in the vacuum there is no telling if the next person or group to come into “control” are not far worse than the previously disposed of. It cannot be a stand alone option. Guerrilla warfare as messy and protracted as it is, has a way of galvanizing hearts and minds to a cause. Unfortunately no matter what the method used innocents will pay the highest price in the short term.

    • Yup. And since the sorts of people who are eager to sieze power in a vacuum are RARELY the sorts of people you really ought to trust, even a SUCCESSFUL revolution frequently ends up with the “Good Guys” up against the wall after the fighting ends.

      However, that doesn’t mean revolution is unthinkable, only that even after you win the battles and overturn teh existing government, you’re still in VERY great danger of becoming victim to a Lenin, Robespierrre, or Napoleon (for the double betrayal).

      • I agree that is what I am stressing that thought is required for revolutions to be successful. Those eager to come to power are NEVER in the People’s best interests. What made George Washington a great man was that he came to power reluctantly and relinquished that power willingly when the time came. America is in dire need of her next Washington, whoever he or she is will they please step forward.

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