Quote of the day—Larry P. Card

I sense a great disturbance in the Force…as if a million liberals screamed out in terror, and were suddenly told by the court to grow up already…

Larry P. Card
Comment on Facebook in regard to a comment of mine to the post May-Issue CCW struck down in California.
[But will they grow up now?

No. They will not grow up now. There will have to be many, many, more lessons taught before they will be fit to participate in a free society with the rest of us. And many will never be fit for more than prison.—Joe]


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  1. Ahhh, but the kick is, Libertarians would never want to be taxed to pay for prisons, and because they follow the Constitution, their only option would be to allow those people total freedom to do whatever they want to. It’d be like the good old days.

    • That’s not a kick. It’s cute, maybe, but dumb. I guess we’ll have to take the cost of imprisonment from the perps then, and/or have them work it off, assuming we’re even talking about that here. And assuming that there were ever any “good old days” during which there were no jails whatsoever. You mean like several thousands of years ago, I guess. Yeah; those were they days all libertarians long for….

      No; that’s not even cute. It’s just dumb. In any case; if finding a way to pay for jailing the enemies of liberty were our one and only problem, we’d be in super-duper good shape. I’d be more than happy to try to meet that challenge. I’ll even donate.

      • Early California had no jails. They didn’t have any place to lock someone up for even a day.

        Reading about the early criminal justice/police systems in this country is eye-opening.

    • You do realize that not everyone who supports gun rights isn’t a Libertarian?

    • Um, Ubu? You are confusing libertarians (and even minarchists) with advocates of total anarchy.

      A. Libertarians (and even minarchists who make the Libertarian Party look like the Soviet Communist Party) generally do not object to government doing SOME things — they object to government doing ANY MORE THAN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

      B. There are ways to finance prisons without tax dollars, if you are so tax-adverse as to refuse to use tax dollars to build them. “Prison for Profit”, for one (which I actually oppose, but which is a perfect example of a way to get it done that has been used historically).

      C. You mean a frontier society, at a time when “felony” meant “capital crime”, and a convicted convict could be tried by lunchtime and hanged before sundown, didn’t have a need for massive prisons? Wow. You mean a frontier society, where shooting an escapee (or even a fleeing suspect) in the back was considered acceptable and legal (and even admireable — “saved the cost of a trial” isn’t a brand new phrase), and local law enforcement (where it was even available) felt that they could adequately confine a suspect by tying him up in any convienient building, or any group of suspects could be held under armed guard like recently grabbed POWs, didn’t find a need for a big, fully staffed jail in every single town and county? Wow.

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