NY SAFE-legal AR

One ugly gun. But legal and effective enough.I guess that what freedom and market demands will do, though, when confronted by stupid laws.

Idiots… There are nothing but complete idiots in office in that state. The mind boggles.


6 thoughts on “NY SAFE-legal AR

  1. Meh. Perfectly legal in New Jack is the Remington 7625, a slide-action .223 rifle which a modestly-trained person can get a high volume of fire out of. Also legal is the semi-auto Marlin Camp 45, which, loaded with 7-round 1911 magazines, is perfectly legal. Not as much range as an AR, but I can hit a chest-sized gong at 120 yards every shot with mine (holding over 6 feet or so). Magazines drop free, and reloads are fast. The 1911 is a perfect companion pistol. BTW,the Marlin Camp 45 was DESIGNED to circumvent NYC “Sulllivan” gun laws outlawing pistols.

    When the State hands you lemon-ish gun laws, make lemonade, concentrate it, and use a squirt gun to blind your assailant. After blinding him, put your legal boots to him. Do THAT properly, and he’ll wish he was shot….

  2. The mind is supposed to boggle. That’s the point. The apparent idiocy has a purpose unto itself. It keeps us off-balance, frustrated, looking over our shoulders and suspecting one another. If that’s all it accomplishes, its purpose is fulfilled.

  3. “Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728).”
    Of course this statistic is making the rounds through the liar’s party modified so that it is “more people are killed by baseball bats than are shot by guns” which is patently absurd, and either an indicator of the mendacity of the speaker or his lack of reading comprehension.

    “at least New Yorkers now have a legal way to own an AR-15, a fact which is still driving some gun control activists mad.”

    Where’s that Haw-Haw graphic from the Simpsons when you need it?

    I learned long ago you really make people mad when you can use their words or their case citations against them and win.

    Finding “loopholes” like this one shows you’re smarter and can read and reason better. The leftists never forget that, so they gather the peasants with torches and pitchforks to burn out Dr. Pasteur by persuading them they’re burning out Dr. Frankenstein.

  4. Even funnier — the purpose of the pistol grip ban is supposedly because pistol grips are designed to “spray from the hip”.

    Which is a total canard showing that the people who say that have never tried shooting from the hip in an experimental fashion, nor do they understand anatomy and physics.

    The illustrated “NY SAFE Act” compliant rifle is actually BETTER suited for “hip shooting” than a conventional AR15. LOL

  5. “…they’re no more powerful than the average hunting rifle.”

    Hmm. Someone should look up a couple of ballistics figures. The .223 is far LESS powerful than “the average hunting rifle”.

    I suppose they’re saving that factoid for after they’ve banned all the medium power “assault weapon”, rifles…thingies. Then they’ll suddenly “figure out” that your great grandfather’s 30-06 is “twice as powerful as those evil assault weapons” with “a greater killing range” and it’s “perfectly suited to long distance sniping” and so on.

  6. Personally I think it’s great. I love the fact that NY residents can own an AR15 while completely circumventing BS laws. Granted I’m biased – CA resident with a “bullet button” on my AR, which I hate.

    But nothing beats telling some smug anti-gunner that I own the evil black rifle, legally, & popping that bubble of disconnect they have by thinking they have eliminated that particular demon they thought banished. I also love explaining how none of the modifications affect the rate of fire, but actually force me to become a better, more concentrated shooter since it takes longer to reload magazines.

    Interestingly enough, once they realize that the laws only go after cosmetic changes, they usually become more interested in shooting/seeing it. Have brought more than a few anti’s to our side by piquing their curiosity, letting them fire a couple of magazines & then explaining just how asinine the laws really are by showing them the futility of these “public safe guards” they had originally thought so necessary.

    It takes only a few minutes on a range to erase years of political programming. So I welcome the fact that NY gun owners can continue the tradition of mocking our opponents & have to means to bring more people to our side.

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