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As the amygdala enters high gear, its flagging and weighing functions will deteriorate, and details and complex thoughts will become much less noticed than grossly perceived, broad-stroke emotional stimuli. This is why decisions to make Civil War, or just go wantonly killing every Liberal you can find in a bloody orgy of violence, will not be made rationally, whenever they get made.

This all relates to politics, in that Liberals try to quiet their own amygdalae by getting government to stimulate Conservative amygdalae in some way. They want to make Conservatives pay for their birth control, to tax them, to disarm them so they can’t defend their families, to regulate their businesses into oblivion, to force them to confront sexual themes and activities which disgust and repel them, to prevent them from enjoying something under the guise of environmentalism, or prevent them from forming free associations to get healthcare or economic advantage. I mean, Leftists try to make parts of US parks off limits to humans who just want to peacefully enjoy them. They even insist Conservatives stop publicly acknowledging realities that bother the Liberal, from the failure of the multi-cult, to the bad effects from destroying the family unit, all so the Liberal can more easily retreat into a bubble of fantasy and false reality that will help the Leftist avoid all amygdala stimulation. That leftist behavior is all amygdala-stimulating to a freedom-loving K-psychology, and Liberals know this. Liberals are the people who feel good when others are irritated. That is not as uncommon a psychology as people think.

The thing is, when Conservatives reach sufficient levels of amygdala stimulation, they will let the pressure out, and it will likely be in the form of violence. We haven’t evolved that much in the last 500 years. The same humans who gladly hunted Comanche nearly to extinction, fought the revolutionary war, angrily killed their own brothers in the Civil War, happily flame-thrower’d Japanese in the Pacific, dragged Mussolini’s dead body through the streets, ruthlessly wanted blood after 9/11, and murdered Khadafi after torturing him on the spot, are all still around today. Push the right buttons, and all of that can happen again.

The danger for us K-strategists is, we tend to fight without thinking clearly, when we approach Meat’s level of amygdala stimulation – and that level of amygdala stimulation is almost the only time we will actually fight. This can lead us to be easily manipulated by r-strategists into fighting other K-strategists. Few Conservatives, pissed that the Federal government is seizing their guns, will hunt down the nearest unarmed Liberal rabbit hiding in their bedroom, and kill them in cold blood in their own house, as the rabbit pleads their helplessness and innocence. Rather, K-strategists will tend to fight anybody but the Liberal, from heavily armed government agents who come to take guns, to radical Muslims trying to implement Sharia on the streets of America, to K-strategists of another race who have been goaded into wanting to fight us by the Left. Even though the Liberal is a vile creature, and the source of all our problems, we are almost programmed to fight anyone but them.

Anonymous Conservative
February 7, 2014
The Amygdala Hijack In Action – A Video Example
[I can’t begin to explain how strongly this resonates with me. I could give many personal examples in my childhood and countless examples from both personal and political experience from the last 20 years.

We must learn how to use this power against them.—Joe]


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  1. If it supposedly only takes three percent of us to bring down the tyrants, what percentage of the FSA will the tyrants have to arm then goad to blood-lust just to hold on to their tyrannical empire? We need to crunch these numbers, and soon.

      • They won’t have enough, because the sh#! won’t be free then — they’ll be working for it. They have far too many grievances among themselves that will be settled in the melee to focus on us.

  2. It’s funny that his video features two Republicans. I had to look it up, but Meatloaf gave money to John McCain’s campaign and Busey endorsed Newt Gingrich. Which one is more conservative?

    • Gingrich, though that’s not saying much. But he’s becoming much more establishment GOP than small-govt conservative as he gets older. McCain is a Big Government GOP-er, not anyone I’d be proud to vote for. He has honorable service in uniform, so-so service in public office, IMO.

      • There’s a reason many conservatives referred to McCain as the ‘least repulsive Democrat’ back in 2008. He has a long history of playing to the media and sucking up so that they’ll say nice things about him.

  3. I’m going to have to argue that we already do this, though it could probably only be classified as subconsciously.

    My evidence/examples would be any of the various 60’s/70’s leftwing terrorist groups, the PeTA/Elf/ALF groups, the Black Bloc rioters, the Occupy/FSA folks.

    We do it by simply not conforming to their demands. They really, really do not like that. That is all it takes to bring out the worst in a leftist/progressive. All of the violent anti-firearms commenters get their hate-fuel from us refusing to do what they want. When we refuse to do what they think is “rational”, they immediately get irrational.

    The easiest way for me to end an argument with a leftist is to deny them the ability to direct the language of the discussion. Words have standard definitions. This does not work for them because they cannot have everyone on an equal playing field and still win, so they make up “new” definitions for words to try and trip you up so they can label you as something derogatory and discount your option alltogether. When I deny them the ability to “educate me” what certain words mean, they get frustrated and in nearly all of these instances, this frustration leads them to get violent to one degree or another. In the other 10% of instances they simply shut down and stop talking. While I prefer the latter, either of these options works for me.

    As we all know, leftists/progressives believe that they should have all the rights and none of the responsibilities. They are, in essence, children who want to have things a certain way. And if reality doesn’t conform to their fantasy, things will be broken.

    All we really have to do to set them off is stand firm in our ideas and with our actions and they will destroy themselves. The Republicans ran from the label “The Party of NO!” when they should have stood proud next it. That is one of the many reasons their current incarnation is virtually useless.

    On the down side, there will be collateral damage. Mostly some by-standers (innocent or not), but there will be a few of us taken down/out in the process. The trick will be to stand by our beliefs so as to not let their violence get blamed on us or to let the media play their side as the victim.

    It’ll be made slightly easier by the fact that the violence caused by leftists gets downplayed if it even makes it past the near blackout in the media.

  4. Calm , rational, logical engagement. This sends them over the edge on twitter. Its why high jacking the gunsense tag is so much fun.

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