Be prepared

I spent some time going through the anti-gun talking points document published by the “Progressive Majority Action Fund”.

For a moment I was concerned they might have used my video in this paragraph:

In the hands of someone with practice, an assault weapon can fire almost as fast as a machinegun. You can see this on videos all over YouTube, here for example. But even without much practice, any fool can fire two rounds per second, emptying a 30 round magazine in 15 seconds or less.

But the link comes up as “This video is unavailable. Sorry about that.”


The document is filled with half-truths and outright lies “errors”. They claim suppressors (they call them silencers, which is the same term the ATF uses) and machine guns are illegal. You can buy suppressors at many gun stories in the Seattle area as well as in most other states. It requires filling out a form and the paying of a $200 tax to the ATF but they aren’t illegal.

They claim the blocking of sales via background checks is proof the background check system “works”. Well, yes. For certain definitions of “works”. Such as casting a chilling effect on the exercise of a specific enumerated right.

But to believe the background checks make people safer is crazy talk. Even the INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE AND NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES says the issue is far from settled:

Controlling access to guns through background checks or restrictions on particular types of firearms remains controversial, and the effectiveness of various types of control is inadequately researched.

Read the anti-gun document and the National Academies document and be prepared.


2 thoughts on “Be prepared

  1. page 1
    Don’t say…
    Gun control
    Stricter gun laws
    You oppose the 2nd Amendment

    page 4
    Say… I support the 2nd Amendment and would fight against any future overreaching legislation.

    Say… I support the right to self‐defense…

    If they weren’t lying then it almost sounds like they’re on our side.

  2. Yep. Just like HW (B41) getting a lifetime NRA membership before the election and then revoking it after. Just like every argument that starts out, “I’m a gun owner, but…”

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