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Why would a rational person believe, just because Hitler used gun registration lists to identify, disarm and then murder millions, that anyone in America would ever do the same thing? That’s crazy talk. No one here hates the Jews. Or blacks. Or Latinos. Or Christians.

We have very little hate here. We love each other. The FBI, ATF, NSA, IRS, SS, TSA, CIA… they’re on our side. You have nothing to worry about. Trust us. Lay down your arms. Or you will be forced to.

January 2014
Gun Control in the Third Reich
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—JPFO

  1. “It can’t happen here.”

    Until it does.
    Just ask Fred Korematsu (born on this date in 1919 in Oakland, CA), for a relatively bloodless example.

    • Would that be another suitable “___ law” violation, like Godwin’s Law and Markley’s Law violations?
      A Korematsu Law violation, the assertion, express or implied, that “It (tyrannical government) can’t happen in America because [magic]?

      • Years ago I received an email with a quote at the end that I saved:
        “Simpletons assert that America doesn’t need armed citizens since it has never had a despot or tyrant for a leader. What they don’t realize is that America has never had a despot or tyrant as a leader because American citizens are armed”. –Ira Weitzel (??), Dachau survivor.
        I asked the sender if he meant Elie Wiesel. It wasn’t clear. I haven’t been able to find the quote elsewhere. And it doesn’t fit what we expect from him. But then again, some of the gun rights quotes from Gandhi and MLK don’t match the simplistic stereotypes, either — and those *are* well authenticated.

      • Oh yes.. on orders of that liberal favorite (and role model of the current president), FDR.

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