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The real engine which powers this hidden force is actually our world’s reality, so the force is almost useless to Leftists. Until reality can be replaced with fantasy in the real world, Leftists can do no more to stop our wielding of this weapon than they can do to stop gravity. They are helpless before us, and ply their political strategies only with our willing acquiescence to their evil and our passive acceptance of their fantasy.

The day major Conservative strategists grasp the force at work in the graph above, from the macro-level effects down to the effect on dopamine receptor gene transcription within neurons, is the day our battle ends, and our species begins a stratospheric ascent to levels of technological and societal advancement that we can only dream of.

Anonymous Conservative
January 16, 2014
The Forces Exerted By r and K-Selection Effects Mold the Ideological Inclinations of Societies – How Resource Availability Determines Destiny
[It’s a pleasant thought but I’m not convinced of this conclusion even though I’m mostly convinced of many of the less specific conclusions made in his other blog posts and his book. I have a lot more to read in his book but what I have read resonates well with me.—Joe]

Update: I asked a question in the comments to his post:

If resource depletion causes a strong shift to K-selected behavioral traits then why doesn’t this always happen in other countries? It appears to me that they frequently turn communist.

Two days after my question he came back with a 2200 word response.


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  1. Joe, I just can’t believe that you believe any of this stuff. You’re supposed to be smarter than this. Where is your skepticism?

    • I have direct knowledge of people that think like what he describes. And I am skeptical of the more grand claims like the one above.

  2. This reminds me of Tam’s excellent story about learning the intricacies of the 1911 pistol to the nth degree, even to the extent of being able to wax eloquently on the significance of the lines-per inch spacing of the hammer stippling, only to discover at some point that a good reliable gun is simply a good reliable gun. Something like that.

    I like to brew beer and make bullets (though not necessarily at the same time) and I have books on both subjects that actually get into nuclear physics. Yet, while of course nothing would exist without atoms doing what they do, you make the best beer and the best bullets without obsessing over valence numbers, energy states of electrons or the behavior of ions.

    I see politics similarly. Of course we need molecules for life to exist, but delving into brain chemistry in trying to decide the correct, moral path is a bit like delving into nuclear physics to make good beer or cast good lead bullets. It can be done I suppose, but it’s taking a circuitous, or tortuous, path to a place where you’ll need to forget all that stuff to do the job right anyway.

    That first quoted paragraph in this post is true, though I wonder if it’s author realizes just how true, and why. It a the very same kind of thing you can find written thousands of years before the discovery of atoms or molecules. It could have come right out of the Bible for example.

    • I’m always skeptical of anyone who tries to divide the world neatly into Leftists/Rightists or Conservatives/Liberals. It’s just not that simple.

      Years ago, when the internet was newer and the people who had access seemed to be a lot smarter, there was a discussion on a board that I frequented about the existence of God. Both posters were Liberals with similar moral beliefs and both had degrees in Comparative Religion (or something like that). One poster was a Christian, the other an Atheist. The discussion was fascinating because they both brought a wealth of knowledge to the subject, and not just from the perspective of one religion.

      The takeaway from this is that we can be very similar in a lot of ways and totally different in other ways. The world is not divided into Conservatives and Liberals. There are a lot of shaded nuances out there — and that makes us interesting.

      • I agree with most of what you said. But I believe the particular personality type/disorder described by this guy is overrepresented in the liberal “camp”. Hence his analysis may be useful in dealing with liberals in general.

    • The proper way of dealing with people of a particular mindset varies. With some a direct confrontational approach might be best. With others “dismiss” them as if they were beneath your concern. With others a rational discussion.

      This guy apparently has identified a significant subset of the population with mental health issues and claims to have an easy and effective means to deal with them.

      That is mostly independent of what is the best political system.

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