Barb has been in Ecuador for the last ten days visiting her daughter. I picked Barb up at the airport today.

Joe: Were you ever concerned about your safety?

Barb: Things were fine except when the serial killer was there.

Things weren’t exactly “fine”. There were lots of times when she had her pepper spray and Spyderco knife at the ready. But she never had to actually deploy them. I’m glad she made it back with the worst wounds being the multitude of bug bites.

And the “serial killer” was a guy that gave her and her daughter “the creeps”. Things just didn’t add up right about him but to the best of their knowledge he didn’t actually do anyone harm.


3 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Ooookay – the question then becomes, “What was the daughter doing in Ecuador?”.

  2. The funny thing is that in many cases, serial killers don’t give people the creeps. They just seem like normal people, which is how they can get victims and avoid attention from the authorities.

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