FBI, IRS- just another gang?

After people within the IRS basically admitted they targeted political opponents such as Tea Party groups for harassment, the FBI was finally called in to investigate because the behavior by the “impartial” IRS was so egregious. The head of the investigation, who “just happens” to be an Obama donor, decided there was nothing illegal going on, so they dropped the investigation, filing no charges.

I’m not sure how our decent into Banana Republic corruption and political abuse could happen so fast, unless the rot has been going a lot deeper, longer, than I thought, and it just took the Audacity of Dope to really bring it out in such an obvious way. We can only hope for a monumental backlash come election time. If not… time to start milking the system for all it’s worth, bring it down as fast and hard as possible, so the rebuilding can begin sooner.


9 thoughts on “FBI, IRS- just another gang?

  1. It really has been this bad for a long time. If you dig back you can find the same thing for a long time (watergate anyone). It makes me sad. Heck, Jackson’s cabinet looked more like an American’s most wanted poster.

    • What angered Democrats about Watergate was that Nixon’s people dared to do what Kennedy’s people had done to him. Those were THEIR tricks!

  2. The famous, most appropriate line is:
    “It is too late to work within the system, and too soon to shoot the bastards”

  3. Elections?

    Oh, you mean the dog-and-pony shows they put on every couple of years to make us think we have a choice in anything at all. Ever since Reagan, in every way that truly matters, it’s been “meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”

    And there will never be another Reagan. The power brokers learned from that close call and made damn sure THAT’s not going to happen again! Oh, they might let a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul in here and there, but not enough of them to get anything done. 100% of the D’s and 99% of the R’s think that whole banana republic thing is just fine–especially since they’re in charge.

    So, since this entire government has abandoned the Constitution as rule of law and therefore–by every logical and moral standard–rendered itself illegitimate, I really don’t give a damn what meat puppets they parade in front of us, just like I don’t care if Vinnie “the Spleen” or Guido “the Large Intestine” makes it to the top of the Lasagna crime family. At this point, they’re just another gang of criminals.

  4. I vote to bring this whole fucking mess crashing to the ground–it is FUBAR in the strictest definition.

  5. unless the rot has been going a lot deeper, longer, than I thought,


    I have just two names to mention. as data points: Walter Cronkite; Walter Duranty.

    • Woodrow Wilson. The Fundamental Transformation of America took place in the early 20th century and we’ve never gotten away from it. Not even close.

      Sure; you can go along, blissful and ignorant, carrying cancer for years, only to find out much later that you have it and that your case is terminal. I can look back at the 1960s and think of how much more free things were then, only because I was ignorant of the progressive disease that had already taken hold.

      Maybe this is the best Mankind can hope for (small pockets of freedom here and there for a short time while the cancer of collectivism can be blissfully, briefly ignored) but I’d like to think otherwise.

      The main thing is to be able to positively identify the disease and positively identify the cure and the prevention. Until then we’re all just dancing around a fire in the jungle until we’re eaten by the leopards.

  6. (Mothers, please don’t name your sons “Walter”. We can’t afford any more like these ones.)

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