Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns

Last week I received an email:

Hey Joe,

I realize you probably get a lot of emails, but this one may be unlike what you’re accustomed to. Bear with me and I’ll give you a little background so you can understand why I’m writing.  I work for a Texas-based company that makes rugged leather gear. We started doing product videos on our website about 3 years ago and it morphed into some pretty cool projects. One of those projects was short profiles on our employees. The first one was about a husband and wife who work here and their desire to have matching guns, so in case there were ever a crisis they could swap magazines.  (Smith&Wesson M&P9s) 

Well, it was submitted to Sundance Film Festival and out of the 8,100 short films, it was selected to be one of the 60 entrants. Then YouTube has told us they selected it to be one of the 10 in the running for their special YouTube award. (Crazy, isn’t it?!) Now we want to put the idea of husband/wife gun ownership in front of as many eyes as possible and thought that reaching out to influencers like yourself may be a good approach.

Please let me know if you’re interested. I’d be happy to show you a sneak peek. 


Sarah Farver

I thought it was a decent video so I agreed to post it. The “sneak peek” time is over and it is public now:


11 thoughts on “Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns

  1. It’s very practical. My wife and I have matching pairs of Glock 23s and 27s (.40 S&W), so we have commonality in ammo, magazines, holsters, etc.

  2. At 1:12 they have some serious finger-on-trigger problems. On one hand I go “Cool! A gun vid makes it to Sundance!” OTOH, I can easily see it being done in order to be held up as an object of ridicule- “Look at those crazy idiot redneck cracker gun-nuts, so mental they think having matching handguns is romantic, even though they don’t seem to know much about them!”
    I guess we’ll see how it goes. Best of luck to them.

  3. A couple of cringe moments in there – but then I feel guilty too when I use my laser sight (with an unloaded and triple-checked handgun) for a cat toy.

    It’s kind of a cute flick – hope they do well.

  4. Even though his finger was off the trigger, using the laser sight as a cat toy is violation of rules one, two, and possibly four.

    This isn’t a good message to be sending as the face of gun ownership.

    • Especially given that just the other day some of us were making fun of some NY state bureaucrat using his laser sight in a similar manner. Or almost the same — in his case it was to point at a screen in a presentation, in a state building where guns are prohibited, and his gun was loaded, and his hands are shaky due to a stroke. Oh yes, and he swept the audience with his laser beam on the way to the screen. And his spokes drones are stonewalling all questions.
      So I guess the conclusion is that these people are almost as bad as NY state bureaucrats. Not a great outcome.

  5. How many Americans will Americans shoot before they put their handguns away? This is so exceedingly foolish I don’t even know where to start…

    • I haven’t shot anyone, so by your own argument I don’t need to put mine away.

      I’m pretty sure there are roughly 3 million gun-owning Americans who haven’t shot anyone, either.

      Of course, police officers DO shoot other Americans. And they own handguns. So if you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of a political group committed to making police officers give up their service weapons, I will be happy to contribute money to that cause.

      • I’d bet there are more on the order of 100 million gun owners in America that have never shot anyone. But aside from that quibble, yes.

        • Apologies. I wasn’t sure of the actual number, so I decided to lowball it just to be safe. I actually meant to type 30 million, but my finger missed the zero and I didn’t notice.

    • Haven’t shot anyone yet, so I guess I’ll keep mine handy. And, if I DO happen to shoot someone, be assured that the person in question was definitely in need of being shot. I’m quite familiar with the rules of engagement for self-defense.

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