Mugme Street news

From the Seattle Police blog:

Officers arrested three women for robbery, among other things. On 1/1/14, throughout the evening there were several reports of multiple females walking through the crowds stealing cell phones and jumping people and stealing their cell phones.

One robbery occurred in the 500 block of Broad St just shortly after midnight and another was reported just shortly before 2:00 a.m., at 2nd Ave and Pike St.

A victim from the 2nd and Pike robbery flagged down an officer and advised him that the suspects who had stolen their cell phones were at a nearby bus stop.  Officers contacted and detained the suspects.  Two adult female suspects were later identified as having robbed the victim of her cell phone.

Technically, this is a block away from “Mugme Street” as Barb likes to call it. But still it is turf where I frequent. I can’t help thinking that  discharging few canisters of pepper spray and maybe an occasional drawn handgun at the appropriate times would make a big improvement in the environment.


6 thoughts on “Mugme Street news

  1. On one of your earlier posts, a commenter opined: “Errr, and what would a jury have done with the guy who was assaulted by the group of women if he had used a tool to defend himself?

    He’s actually being way too pessimistic. King County Prosecutor’s Office is pretty darn self-defense friendly.

    • You may be found not guilty by a jury, but just like Zimmerman, there would be a political storm to prosecute any white man who fired on a black woman who was trying to mug him. Just think of the Seattle Times headline reporting the incident: “Assault pistol kills woman at bus stop.” Or some BS.

  2. Fake cell phone, packed with pepper spray and dye – like those marker packs they use in bank robberies. Miscreant steals phone, which pulls out the timing pin, phone blows up 10 seconds later.

  3. Defens: Or even worse, pulling the pin makes the phone receive nothing but telemarketers.

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