I didn’t find liberty on the ballot

I got a little bit excited and went Here. Alas.

I really wanted to vote, but I couldn’t find the “Get the government the hell out of it, and as far away from it as possible, forever” button. How come you never see that option?

I had to leave. Now I suppose I’m guilty of being “unrealistic” or of “not getting involved in the dialog”.

Well here’s my realism; government meddling screws things up faster and deeper and for longer periods than any other force on Earth. If you want something to work, get the paper pushers, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the departments, committees and the task forces a minimum of one continent away from it. Let them eat grass with the North Koreans and tell each other how to do things.

Here’s my participation in the dialog; when liberty is on the ballot I’ll vote for it. Just let me know. I’ll be listening.


5 thoughts on “I didn’t find liberty on the ballot

  1. It fails with it’s very first words: “What Replaces Obamacare?”

    Question: When a house is burning and firefighters show up to extinguish it, do they set another house on fire to ‘replace’ the fire they put out?

    • Good point. I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s impossible to maintain one’s sanity when you’re in the mainstream of the river of feces. The Republicans for example have been absolutely and irrevocably convinced that they must have an alternative communist “healthcare” plan, else they should stop criticizing Obamascare.

      All that’s left to learn about the R verses D issue is whether it’s been a conspiracy all along, or whether the Ds have learned mind control to such an extent that they now have a near 100% success rate.

      To address your first sentence; “What should replace Obamascare?”

      Easy; liberty should replace it, but that means a fight because the Fascists aren’t going to let go of the trillions of dollars and near absolute power (as they see it) without one.

      You know what the gangsters will do to one another over a few hundred thousand or a million dollars? Yeah. Multiply that orders of magnitude and you begin to see what your government is willing to do.

  2. There is an “End Federal Involvement in Health Care” option, but I’m with you in believing that doesn’t go far enough.

    Just for the sake of argument, though, I went through the whole process. The “End Federal Involvement…” option is clearly the favorite. Second is to “Allow Competition Across State Lines,” which I can also agree with.

    Least favorite, by far (seriously, an order of magnitude or two), is “Single Payer.” Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming.

    • Well either I missed it (quite likely) or they added it later. I’ll go vote now. Thanks.

  3. Actually, there IS a button for “Get the Federal Government out of Health Care.”

    It seems clear to me that Congress has no authority to legislate on the matter and is therefor forbidden from it. But, since the government refuses to honor the Constitution, what are We the (little) People to do about it?


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