Quote of the day—E.A. Blair

It has long been suggested that gun nuts cling to their weapons as phallic substitutes. Wherever that is the case, I recommend autofellatio. I’m told the climax is a real killer.

E.A. Blair
April 2, 2013
Comment to Debunking the Conservative Myth on “Assault Rifles”
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! With bonus points for advocating gun owners kill themselves.

H/T to Phil who sent me an email with the link.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—E.A. Blair

  1. A lot of things have “long been suggested”, including a lot of utterly stupid, utterly wrong things. That they’ve “long been suggested” doesn’t lend them any credence whatsoever. We might, with just as much credibility, be discussing the recipes used by Jews for cooking and eating babies on the grounds that it has “long been suggested” that Jews eat babies.

    The left though has a long and tragic history of determining “reality” by consensus or by authority, or by a consensus of authorities.

  2. But she’s so clever…NOT! End of sarcasm.

    This is akin to suggesting that someone doing a wine tasting should die of alcohol intoxication or drunk driving.

    Can you just feel the rage and hate this person exudes? Really a sick puppy. I would love to see this person try to defend their evil statement.

    Millions upon millions of firearms owners do not have any firearm sexual fetishes, yet, this is their main complaint? Me thinks that E.A. Blair and colleagues are the ones with dark and twisted fantasies. All the more reason to be armed to keep these degenerates away.

    • The only firearm owner I can think of who has a firearms fetish is Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-wife, and will anyone take the bet that she’s a flaming leftist? I’ll give 5 to 1 odds she is.

      • Oh, and the site you link to, has this sentence before the comments section, which notes: “comments for this thread are now closed” :This site for Democrats welcomes comments from all viewpoints as long as they are on topic and contribute to the discussion.
        Note the weaselwords, “contribute to the discussion.” Under the rules of reasoned discourse, citing statistics and quoting legal decisions to refute the theses of the main post or the commenters is not contributing to the discussion, and is considered trolling.

          • In their defense, that article is a 8 months old and most blogs close their comments after a month to stop SPAM.

            That said, we all know how heavily they rely on reasoned discourse so they’d probably close or filter comments after it blew up in their face.

            The question is, from the comments there did it go sideways on them, did they abruptly stop, or did they just slowly die off and then were closed.

            I’m all for calling out reasoned discourse but I prefer to do it in verifiable instances.

  3. The clear meaning of this quote is that the author wants all gun owners to be executed. I believe that roughly matches the policies of Adolph Hitler, though I think it is actually more extreme.
    “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” — Heinrich Himmler

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