Flinging time

Yup, looks like it’s done enough to toss out into the wild. The Stars Came Back is now a genuine product you can buy at Amazon. It should be pretty clean, and the story’s all there, and there are some graphics included, and more at the supporting website, www.TheStarsCameBack.com. It is also a good place to ask questions, find out more, etc. If you DO notice any typos, problems, or whatever, let me know, I can update it. If you like it, positive reviews are always appreciated.

Sorry it’s taken so long, after planning on getting it out last June (or maybe July), but it’s been a very educational process for me. Now I get to learn about taxes, exchanged rates, defending copyrights, all sorts of exciting stuff like that.


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  1. Send Charlie and Sarah an email for a listing in their weekly plug column.

    See link above. Their email is. book.plug.friday@gmail.com.

    “Remember to include the TITLE, the AUTHOR’S NAME as given on the cover, a BLURB, and — this is very important — an AMAZON LINK.

    If you do have a special offer coming up, make sure to get us the information two weeks ahead of time so we can be sure to get it plugged on time.”

  2. Bought my copy a bit ago. Will be sending a plug to Ace’s place for the Sunday morning discuss.

    • You were one of the first three, for what it’s worth. It’s up to 9 copies sold as of a minutes ago. Think everyone should put in a book-plug request, or is one enough? Never done it before, so I’ve got no idea the normal selection procedure.

      • The guy who does the Book Thread is pretty good about putting plugs up when they’re submitted. If it doesn’t get included this week, I’ll mention it in the comments. BTW, don’t get discouraged about sales early on. Takes a while for word to get around, but once it gets rolling…

        • I expect so. I have a couple of “benchmark” numbers.
          100 – Something like 95% of self-published e-books never sell that many. (can’t find current stats – anyone have them handy?), and I had about that many regular readers.
          700 – Roughly my break-even point for cash production costs (editing, cover art, website).
          2000 – Threshold where publishers will answer an email politely.
          4000 – Threshold where a publisher might consider sending me an email.
          10k – Nobody can accuse me of just selling to family and friends, I can expect more than one contact by publishers or other better-known self-published authors.
          25k – pay off the house, people have to admit it’s a good story, because it sure as heck isn’t my plethora of industry connections 🙂

          Right now I’m at 29, after about one full from hitting the “Publish” button and posting about my first novel. A respectable first day, IMO. It’s the slow-down after my first hundred “regulars” buy it, and before their reviews and recommendations and “friend-of-a-friend” purchases start showing up that I’m dreading.

  3. The key question is: is there a way to get a Nook compatible file (.epub file) starting with what Amazon sells? Or does this only work for Kindle users?

      • So Amazon delivers a downloadable file, as opposed to doing a direct push to a device (the way the Nook Store does)?

        • When you buy something, you can have it deliver to “XYZ’s Kindle” and it sends it wirelessly (the default), OR you can select “transfer via computer” (i.e., download the file, then transfer manually via a USB cable). It dumps the AZW file into your download directory. BTW – Mathew Bracken’s “foreign and domestic” trilogy is free today if you want to do a “practice download.” http://www.amazon.com/Foreign-Enemies-Traitors-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B0056NOFKM

  4. I am an Amazon Prime member so could have borrowed this from the library for free but I bought it and if this is half as good as the serial on the website was it will be the best money I have spent this week. Will post a review on Amazon when I am done. Seriously, thanks for taking the chance and writing this!

    • Thanks for your support! I hope my chance pays off, too. Substitute teaching doesn’t pay a lot, nor does writing freelance articles for $15 an hour.

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  6. Rolf, I emailed Glen Reynolds (http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/) and asked him to plug your book. He does this occasionally and it is a big audience. Not finished with the book yet since work keeps on getting in the way but so far I like it even more than when it ran here as a serial. You have a real talent and I am glad you shared it with us. Now when is the next one coming out?


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