Equal rights

It sounded to me like the shotgun was empty. But the point being made is valid.


6 thoughts on “Equal rights

  1. Hmm, yeah; she ran the slide forward and then back, giving us the eye while holding the action open.

    “Stop, or I’ll rack this slide yet again (that is if I can even think of what to call this thingy that moves forward and backward, being as I certainly don’t know how to use it), thus proving one more time that this gun’s unloaded, and then maybe I can go and try to find some ammo, and then, if I can manage to get this thing loaded and figure out which way the slide, thingy, has to go before the gun will fire, then…then you’ll REALLY be sorry!”

    It’s an excellent message otherwise or course, and I suppose the target (so to speak) audience (the Joe Bidens of the world) would generally not know the difference.

    I’ll give it an A+ for good intent.

  2. If I were doing a video with someone filming down range, I would have the gun unloaded too. Triple checked, at least. And follow the 4 rules as well, which she seemed to do. Unlike Bloomberg’s ad with the shotgun guy which was heavily and rightly criticized by the firearms community.

    • That’s fair, but there is such a thing as inert ammo, and running the slide forward rather than backward. I still give it an F for technical direction.

      They fell for the old wife’s tale, if wives being saying such things, which tells us that racking a shotgun slide back and forth is all you need to send robbers running away peeing their pants, even if the gun ends up unlocked and empty.

      Sorry; others will find the video excellent, and I want to, and in all other respects it is excellent, but everyone has a point where suspension of disbelief becomes impossible, or a serious story becomes a de facto comedy, and things like having a sexy model “playing” a saxophone with the mouthpiece on upside down and her fingers in the wrong places, or a sexy model racking a shotgun slide “menacingly” and finishing with the gun open, or the “cops” who repeatedly rack their shotguns for effect before the final showdown but which would in reality result in the guns being empty by the time the shooting starts, and mushroom clouds in space; these things matter.

      They turn a serious subject into slapstick comedy, you know, like a spit take during the wine sipping at communion or a car taking off and flying away during a serious high speed chase scene, or a guy blowing up a semi truck from 200 yards with one shot from a .38 snubbie. It’s not easy, I probably would not do well at it myself. The Big Timers get paid a lot and they still screw it up pretty frequently.

      If all they did different was do have the girl pull the slide back, and THEN forward, leaving it forward, it’d have been perfectly fine. That’s a plausible scenario. What they did was implausible, like a flying cat or a dildo that recites the Gettysburg Address.

      So I’m a nitpicking jerk. It is true, which is why I apologize. I guess this sort of thing is a pet peeve.

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