Quote of the day—Robert J. Avrech

In fact, the Democrats who passed ObamaCare were well aware of the misery they were about to impose on the American people. We know this because the Democrats authored specific provisions within ObamaCare to protect themselves against ObamaCare.

Welcome to the Democrat Animal Farm.


Robert J. Avrech
January 6, 2014
All Animals Are Equal, Unless They Are Democrat Animals
[If you don’t get the reference you should read Animal Farm.

And if ObamaCare isn’t enough to convince you we live on an “animal farm” remember:

The list probably could be extended hundreds if not thousands of items.—Joe]


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  1. Don’t know about the other services but the rules for the Air Force pretty much directly mirror the OSHA regulations. It was interesting to hear that Congress is exempt. Maybe we need a constitutional amendment stating that Congress cannot exempt anybody from anything they pass. I am sure the chances of that happening are just huge. Just passing a law wouldn’t do it.

    • Even if they pass one, the Narcissist in Charge has demonstrated quite effectively that he will actively NOT enforce the law, and even openly encourage others to flout the law when it’s convenient for HIM. No, it’s nearly getting time to break out the tar and feathers for pols of all types and levels, so the elected start fearing the electorate.

    • The government is supposed to have “equivalent” OSHA regulations. Why not make them the same except for combat/war-zone type situations?

      • I’ve worked for both DoD and NASA. They both abide by and reference the OSHA documents in all of their operations. The only difference that I have found is that Fed agencies have given the finger to OSHA as far as being subject to that agency with respect to oversight. They comply with the regs but don’t want to be subject to OSHA telling them about it or inspecting them or hammering them like they do with private businesses.

        • Yup. The starting points the Navy uses are actual OSHA training materials to establish a MINIMUM standard. Navy, base, or command policies generally ramp standards up from there to exceed OSHA minimums.

  2. The biggest problem with constitutional amendments for things like this is that they would be ignored just as the rest of the constitution is ignored.
    But if we’re talking about amendments, I would like this one — which I might call the “Equal Protection Amendment”:
    “1. No person holding any office under the United States, or any of them, may keep or bear any arms except those that may be borne by all law abiding competent adult citizens both in his place of residence and in the location of his office.
    2. No person holding any office under the United States, or any of them, may be protected by any personal arms he is barred from keeping under the previous article.”

  3. That ObamaCare poster image is an amazingly smarmy, almost Joker-like smirk. Am I the only one it creeps out?

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