Full faith and credit…

…in a gang of thieves.

You know all those crazy, wild-eyed loons living in trailer parks who’ve been warning us about the Federal Reserve? Yeah; what a bunch of maroons (cough cough).

And no; your safe deposit box isn’t really all that secure either. Not anymore. There’s already talk of reaching into people’s bank accounts on a large scale and taking some of it, they’ve already set up the “infrastructure” to do that, and it’s already been done at least once as a trial balloon.

The Progressives (Democrats and Republicans) have already spent your money, you understand (and your children’s money and their children’s money). Now it’s CYA time for the perpetrators.

If you never understood why government types are so terrified of the concept of an armed populace that they’re willing to make complete asses of themselves and risk prosecution for depriving citizens of a constitutionally protected right, maybe you begin to understand a little bit better. It’s not that they’re all that stupid, necessarily– They’re fucking terrified at the prospect of their chickens coming home to roost. Criminals fear armed victims more than anything else. They’re already starting to act like the cornered predators they are, and a cornered predator is a very dangerous thing indeed.


8 thoughts on “Full faith and credit…

  1. The French ( specifically DeGaul ) did something similar to this during the Nixon administration, by demanding the Fed honor their treaty and redeem US dollars for gold. Nixon was forced to take the dollar off of the gold standard, in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution.

    And now it looks like the US Treasury cannot be trusted to merely hold gold for another country.


    • They can’t be trusted to do ANYTHING at this point but to cause havoc.

      “The system” isn’t broken. It’s doing exactly what it was set up to do. The servants have taken over the manor.

      Have you seen what that stumblefuck Governor Chris Christie and his minions did with the traffic because a mayor didn’t support him? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Tip of an iceberg.

    • I’m not sure I quite understand the uproar. It sounds like the specific gold bars that were deposited might not be there any longer, but other gold bars are. Since bullion is fungible, that seems like a minor violation. (If we were talking antique/collectible coins, that would be different, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.)
      As for article 1 section 10, that talks about the states. It doesn’t constrain the federal government. Instead, I’d point to article 1 section 8, which says that Congress (and not the executive) has the power to coin money and regulate its value. Clearly that includes deciding whether to base it on gold.
      Then again, it hasn’t actually been based on gold since 1913. The “gold standard” in effect after that time was a scam. FDR made it explicit.
      I sure don’t understand why people think highly of FDR; he makes Obama look like a piker where it comes to stomping all over the Constitution with hobnailed boots.

      • “I’m not sure I quite understand the uproar.”

        It means someone TOOK the Germans’ gold and did something with it they weren’t supposed to do, violating trust. And no; there are not other gold bars in place of the originals. If that had been the case there’d have been no reason to touch the originals in the first place, see.

        The original bars were marked for a good reason. They didn’t put their offical stamp on them just for the fun of it, because they were bored..

        The fed can’t find enough gold for even the first, agreed-upon, tiny installment. Did you read the article? They’ve been stalling, stone-walling and making up the most implausible excuses for why they can’t even make the first installment.

        Say you rent storage space for your family heirlooms because you live in a flood plain. You come back later, after you’ve moved to higher ground, and you want your stuff back, and then the rental managers tell you you’ll have to wait– You can only get a small portion of it back, and they’ll give you that small portion only in dibs and dabs installments, and then it turns out they can’t even do THAT without giving you reproductions of your stuff.

        HUGE RED FLAG. They stole your stuff and they’re scrambling to cover their asses, doing a horrible job of it.

        That gold is somewhere. Where did it go, and on whose orders? We’ll probably never know. This kind of thing typically comes with layers of deniability and buck-passing built in.

        • Thanks, I thought I read the article but I guess it was a muddle and I missed all those details.

      • Section 10 forbids states to either coin money, or accept anything but gold or silver money as legal tender.

        Section 8 puts congress in charge of coining money, and setting values ( i.e, how many “dollars” equals an once of silver or an ounce of gold ).

        Only a Keynesian, a complete retard, or a statist Supreme Court Justice ( sorry, repeating myself again ), would have problems figuring out that this forbids fiat currency.

  2. Rule of thumb, if it’s not in your hands it’s not really yours. There’s a reason I keep some emergency reserves of cash, gold, silver and other things in my own safe at home…

  3. I stopped reading as soon as I saw the author referring to gold as the basis and backing to all of our currency. That is blatantly wrong, and a relatively well known thing. He gets that wrong, he loses my attention quick, because if you don’t get the simple things right, how can he expect me to listen to the more complex things he says?

    As for gold in the federal reserve and fort Knox, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there isn’t but a small fraction of it left. Since when did anybody have any pteconcepton that the government was capable of saving anything?

    It was spent 50 years ago.

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