Quote of the day—Stephen Halbrook

There are parallels between the firearm bans and registration requirements enacted by the Weimar Republic and those proposed by President Obama. Only law-abiding persons obeyed those laws. Weimar authorities warned that the lists of gun owners must not fall into the hands of “radical elements.” The lists fell right into the hands of the Nazis when they assumed power. Gun owner data can be misused by the government today just as it did in the IRS scandal, and it can be hacked for nefarious purposes.

Stephen Halbrook
Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State”
[If were one to use the set of people being spied up by the government as the ‘Enemies of the State’ then it would appear our government has a lot of enemies. That would explain why so many people in government want us disarmed. We are their enemies.

And in addition to that provided in Halbrook’s book there is a substantial quantity of data to support the assertion that we must not allow ourselves to be disarmed.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen Halbrook

  1. That’s my line in the sand. I will not register. I will not turn my guns in. If they mean to make me an outlaw- even if truly they are the outlaws- than so be it.

  2. Your guns may not be registered per se, but between the form 4473s and the carry permits, you are already registered as “One of Those People”. Same thing. Too late. And that’s not counting the now very real ability to track internet activity and blog posting. Just by coming here and commenting, combined with your other digital communications and activities, you can consider yourself registered, Buddy.

    You might as well be wearing a yellow arm-band, and a flashing light on your head. Actually that would be less intrusive, being as the arm-band and the light are only detectable line-of-sight. You can now be watched from around the globe.

    You get pulled over, and the local cop will know whether you have a carry permit before he gets out of his car. You’re registered.

    Now they’ll have your medical records too. Have you had any problems with your wife that you may have sought counseling for? They’ll have that information. Did you speak with a counselor for depression back in college? They’ll know.

    You’re registered in ways you cannot imagine, Skippy.

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