Soul sucking

While at Wade’s yesterday Barb overheard someone asking about purchasing a suppressor. After we left I gave her more details about the process.

  • The creation of a trust or sign-off by local law enforcement.
  • The submission of paperwork to the ATF.
  • The nine months to a year wait for the ATF to process the paperwork.
  • The background check for the people on the trust.
  • The $200 tax stamp.
  • The 4473 and background check when you pick up the suppressor.

Her comment was, “That’s a soul sucking experience.”

Yup. You have to have your soul sucked in order to exercise a specific enumerated right. This isn’t the way this country is supposed to be run.


2 thoughts on “Soul sucking

  1. Soul sucking is the sole purpose of all such laws. Subjugation would be another applicable term. Same thing.

    You might point out to your friend that these gun laws were originally designed to oppress black people. Soul-sucking subjugation for sure. The Progressives have never gotten over having black civil rights rammed down their throats (oh yes; one of their all-time champions, Woodrow Wilson, KKK promoter, re-segregated the U.S. Military after it had been integrated). That eventually was undone after much unnecessary suffering. They were then forced by the Civil Rights movement to take another tack; co-opting it, garnering black support through welfare dependency and cultural destruction, and then accusing anyone who opposed this destruction of being racist! None other than Martin Luther King Jr. was an NRA member and self defense advocate. That must really grate on the Powers That Be in the Progressive movement. Now they’re taking it out on everyone.

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