Quote of the day—Unarmed Barista (@GunzAreBad)

@Rivers513 handguns kill more than the assault murder guns. I’m going after them all #GunSense

Unarmed Barista (@GunzAreBad)
Tweeted on December 16, 2013
[Yeah. Tell me again that, “No one wants to take your guns.”

This may be a troll account so this may not be as good as example as I thought it was.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Unarmed Barista (@GunzAreBad)

  1. I think the fact that we’re honestly not even sure which ones are trolling is saying enough.

  2. Very brave – or foolhardy – for him to be “going after them all,” presumably unarmed.

    • My first thought, as well. Is it something you use to murder “assault”? Does it then turn itself on itself? One wonders.

      (briefly wonders. Very briefly. Then laughs and moves on to the room where the adults are talking.)

  3. It’s a troll account. I think it’s on our side. It’s funny. It uses terms that the other side latches on to but that are totally empty. My money is that it’s Tam’s alternative ego.

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