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I hope that CNN and Fox News and ABC and all of the news outlets broadcast live feeds from the destruction of the guns once they are criminalized. We’ll have trash compactors reducing the guns to pieces of unrecognizable metal. The death-worshipping guns nuts will be watching TV, tears streaming down their cheeks, shrieking “OUR GUNS! OUR GUNS!” Their children will ask them what time supper is, and they will backhand them across the face and shout “DON’T TALK BACK TO ME! THEY’RE DESTROYING OUR GUNS!”

Anonymous Reader
July 26, 2001
Comment to The Terrible Truth About Gun Owners
[This is what they think about people who exercise the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

Merry Christmas.—Joe]


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  1. Once again. It’s not enough that they are ‘right’ and we are ‘wrong’. We must be painted as mad, corrupt, evil, and properly demonized.

  2. I read the entire post at the link; it’s scary that people really think like this. Unfortunately, if we express our fear or concern, we are called paranoid, delusional, and dangerous, so all the more reason to take away our guns.

  3. Yet further evidence that leftist doctrine is driven primarily by hate. It’s not the guns they hate. They’re perfectly fine with using force, including deadly force, to further the doctrine. It’s YOU, the denier of authority, the infidel, the impudent upstart and anyone who refuses to acknowledge the obvious superiority of their glorious Marxist vision of “equality and social justice” who are the focus of the hate. By your very existence you are a threat to the vision and the glory. You stand in the way of their Earthly Salvation. You’re in the way. You’re the obstacle to everything that is “holy” in that vision. As Obama put it, you’re “gumming up the works”. That cannot be tolerated. Now combine that with Algore style envirofascism and you’re also a clear and present threat to all life on Earth. There’s nothing for it– you MUST be dealt with accordingly.

    It’s basically Hamas’ view of the Jews. Only by wiping you out can the Vision be realized.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Part of the American ideal of course was to prevent the concentration of political power, limiting the damage that the power-hungry could inflict. It’s an anti authoritarian ideal and so it will hated by many. The American ideal is therefore seen by the left as an enemy.

  4. I doubt their claims of non-violence. This writer sounds content to use deadly force (via police or ATF) to get our guns into trash compactors. How else would this play out when millions of his fellow real Americans refuse the order to disarm? Given our resolve, those who demand gun bans must be comfortable with genocide.

    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!

    • Interestingly, I made a similar comment to a friend of mine. Leftists seem to believe that once such demands are made, people will briskly and docilely line up to obey.

      They never seem to account for what might happen if, as Mal put it, someone aims to misbehave.

  5. Interesting that they also think that people will simply toss their guns into compactors.

    Especially given the reaction given to the imaginary gun nuts.

    Of course from my standpoint police and media circus lined up to destroy all guns is pretty scary, especially when you think “What’s next”.

    I think I’d have to burn up whatever ammo I have on hand before handing them over…

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