Quote of the day—Italian Rose

Like ever other civilized first world nation civilian ownership of guns needs to be banned in this country so we can enjoy the freedom from gun violence as they do.

Italian Rose
December 11, 2013
Comment to How gun control is losing, badly (in charts)
[You don’t have to squint very hard to imagine this is sarcasm. But given the context (the Washington Post) I don’t think it is.

And I would imagine our Rose also advocates banning recreational drugs, including alcohol, so we an be free from drug abuse. That worked out so well the last few times it was last tried.*—Joe]

*That last line is sarcasm.


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Italian Rose

  1. The funny thing is the claim that “gun ownership” is banned in every other “first world” country. That’s not even close to true. What is true is that many of them have far stronger restrictions on gun ownership. But it’s hard to think of a “first world” country where civilians cannot own guns at all. Japan is the only country I can think of, and there it’s clearly part of its totalitarian political heritage.

    • And even in Japan it’s not “banned,” per se.

      It’s extremely difficult to clear the hurdles, and as a result it’s extremely rare to find gun owners, but the number of privately owned firearms in Japan is not zero.

      I will agree about its totalitarian political heritage, though. Even in modern times, there remain still traces of the ancient feudal culture.

  2. Yeah; why then don’t we totally violate all human rights, thereby making us totally safe? Obviously some people have a very different definition of “safety” than I. In the political sense, in fact, “safety” pertains to the safety of your rights. If that form of safety is secure, you are in the best possible position to secure all your other forms of safety.

    That is, assuming that your personal safety is your goal. I must point out that all of us seek risk in some form or another on a regular basis, both in the form of financial ventures and investments, and in the form of recreation.

    So when you’re talking about using government force to impose “safety” try to think about what it means. If some of you leftists want a real ass kicking, just bring up the subject of AIDS for example, and I’ll simply apply your attitude and logic regarding gun owners to it, proving that you don’t believe what you say you believe. Careful now. This is a purse net that you can’t escape, and you’ve already wrapped it around yourselves.

    Note too that Japan attempted in the 20th century to become a “first world nation” through military aggression, and had to be stopped in that endeavor by Americans with guns.

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