5 thoughts on “Proofreaders

  1. I am a decent proofreader. However, I have never seen, in the years that I have been reading your blog, in contrast to the many other blogs that I read, daily, that you need any such critter.

    If you are serious, then, as a former PNL employee, myself, I would be glad to provide you with all the proofreading that you really do not need, when available, which is most of the time.

    • Ah, you must be confusing me (Rolf) with Joe. I’m just an occasional co-blogger. I’m Looking for folks to proof my story, The Stars Came Back, which I posted most of here as a series earlier in the year; been in editing for the last ~6 months and want to have fresh eyes read it, so they can beat up on me some more. It’s truly amazing how many things get dropped in by the word fairy when I’m not looking. If you are still interested (it’s a sci-fi story, a space-western) be happy to send you the first installment.

      • That’s OK: I confuse easily.

        When I proofread, I do not allow for literary license, although the story line may flow wherever it will. You are going to get correct punctuation (I assume that you already know how to use spell-check), and I may find some of those missing words.

        I had not seen you web site until I clicked on the link, so you will certainly get a fresh pair of eyes at your work. I like sci-fi, having read it for several decades, by now. Send away.

  2. I learned to read phonetically and then was taught by nuns for the first 8 years of my education, including how to diagram sentences. Am I qualified? I am unemployed, available and willing. Email me.

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