Quote of the day–Sen. Ed Markey

We need a ban on assault weapons. We need to stop the flow of high magazine clips, like the ones used in Aurora and Newtown.

Sen. Ed Markey
December 16, 2013
Markey calls for assault weapons ban
[H/T to NRA News for the Tweet.

If it weren’t so common I would say it is ironic that someone so ignorant of firearms that they say something like “stop the flow of high magazine clips” thinks he knows enough about them to make firearm law. But I suspect ignorance of the subject matter and the desire to use force to impose your will on those that are not ignorant are highly correlated. Think of school bullies versus the nerds, the KKK versus people of color, and Anti-Semitists versus Jews.

Philosophically, Senator Markey has a lot of close and dangerous company throughout all known history. And this is why we need to protect our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. It is a last ditch safeguard to protect innocent people from ignorant bigots with power like Senator Markey.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Sen. Ed Markey

  1. No doubt Ed Mahhhhkee has a load of shit for brains. What’s disturbing is that the citizens of Massachusetts have elected and re-elected him first as a Representative and now as a Senator.

    That should tell anyone that we have little in common with those people and the sooner that our ties to them and their philosophies of life, personal responsibility and the role of government, the better.

    I feel for the relative handful of Patriots trapped behind enemy lines.

    • Yup, brains isn’t a requirement for high office, as often demonstrated by our own dimbulb senator, Patty Murrey.
      But she means well, bless her heart. /southern politeness

        • My fellow WA-stater, I forgive you your blunder. It takes a heavy toll, being represented in the senate by you-know-who (and the *other* you-know-who.)

          I’ll forgive it even more, btw, if you get your d*mn*d book finished so I can read the d****d conclusion! 😉 😉 :;-)

      • Rolf,

        Although you are likely fully aware, the southern “bless your heart” is akin to a New Yorker uttering “wattsama wid you”? (or worse).


        Jeff B.

  2. Ed Markey can be counted on to say stupid things about EVERY subject. He is quoted on the local (Boston) news more than almost any other politician, and in all those years I have not once, not a single time, heard him say anything even close to intelligent.

  3. Hmm. I’m envisioning several copies of “High Times” bound together by several of those jumbo, loop and sheet-steel paper clips.

    For the desperately insecure, boosting an idiot into public office helps them feel better about themselves. “There’s a REAL person” you will hear them saying. I think it’s part of how we end up with corrupt huckster, party hound coke-heads in office.

  4. Markey is the reason the Founding Fathers screwed up and didn’t put Term Limits into the Constitution.

    But to be fair, they were mostly Honorable Men who thought that only Honorable Men would spend some time in Government, then move on.

    They Trusted, but they didn’t Verify.

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