This is what they think of you

From a comment to Steadily stay on course to end gun deaths:

It is YOU and your NRA thug friends who continue to make America an uncivilized place to live. A place where any idiot can pick up an assault weapon at Walmart, hee-haw.

Congrats on all that. Remember, guns don’t kill people, the NRA kills people.

And what do you suppose this person thinks should be done with people and their “NRA thug friends” who kill people?


1 thought on “This is what they think of you

  1. The NRA is making America uncivilized???

    Let’s see he called me and my friends “Thugs”. As an NRA life-member he’s accused me of murder, and then there’s that obnoxious “Hee-Haw” which unfortunately I have no idea what that is supposed to me…and something tells me it has nothing to do with my level of sophistication.

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