California crazy talk

Maybe it’s in the air they breath or something but California has more than its share of crazies. This is someone legally representing the state:

California argued that even under intermediate scrutiny, the State could give everyone a handgun and mandate it is the only gun you could use for self-defense in the home….and that would be enough. The Court seemed troubled by the logical extension of California’s argument that only one handgun was enough to allow the full and unencumbered exercise of Second Amendment rights. Peña counsel made it clear that the Constitutional analysis the State wanted to implement would logically allow them to restrict all handguns by caliber to only .22lr, or even to ban all handguns and only allow Tasers — an argument the District of Columbia made and lost on in Heller.

Can you imagine someone arguing that the 1st Amendment would not be infringed if the state gave everyone their one and only religious book and mandated it never leave your home or be replaced by some other book? Or that it doesn’t violate your freedom of association if the state were to assign you your job, social circle, and spouse? Or that it doesn’t violate your right to be represented in court by supplying your one and only defense lawyer? That would be crazy talk.

Okay, maybe the lawyer for California isn’t actually crazy. Maybe they were just doing the best they could while attempting to defend, as is their job, an indefensible law. I can buy that.


2 thoughts on “California crazy talk


    State giving us one gun, and ONLY that gun can be used ONLY in your house? Infringed.

    Restrict all handguns to .22lr caliber? Infringed.

    Ban handguns and only allow TASERs? Infringed.

    Yup. That whole paragraph is pretty blatantly unconstitutional.

  2. Actually this reeks of the homophobic remarks that “Gays already can marry! They just need to marry somebody of the opposite sex!”

    Or maybe the Jim Crow “Separate but equal” (Tho some were more equal than others!)

    Yep, straight up bigotry!

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