Quote of the day—rich roberts ‏@boris3324

@linoge_wotc @RSheibal @scaruso5555 @Keith1911 On the plus side a gun in the home will most likely kill an occupant. #NRAdicklesswonders

rich roberts ‏@boris3324
Tweeted on May 16, 2013
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday via a Tweet from Linoge! Plus a bonus celebration of violence against gun owners.

This was in response to:


Ahh, the ignorance of #guncontrol #extremists. So very child-like. @boris3324 @RSheibal @scaruso5555 @Keith1911.



5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—rich roberts ‏@boris3324

  1. Where are the similar insults of women who carry guns; the female-directed version of Markley’s Law? It seems to apply exclusively to white men, as far as I can tell. What would they say about second amendment advocate and NRA member, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?

    • Easy. They simply refuse to believe that such gun owners exist. It’s hard to maintain your racist/sexist/bigoted view of gun owners once you realize they come in other colors and shapes that your stereotype.

      • Not only that, but by concentrating on the idea that guns are only owned by fat old white uneducated spouse-abusing short-pricked rednecks, they can avoid having anyone in the knee-jerk herd thinking about the actual facts, and they will only react based on the emotions of the indoctrination they received. By making it all about racism, sexism, intolerance, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, and general bigotry the hoi polloi will not think about reality and stay with the program.

  2. Well, by any reasonable calculation my house should be empty, many times over.




    Didn’t happen.

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