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The end result of pushing through gun laws that people won’t obey is very predictable. You end up with a society in which people continue to own vast numbers of weapons regardless of the law. Connecticut may be on the way, sometime after the new year’s registration deadline, to turning itself into a replica of Germany, where up to 20 million unregistered firearms are held in addition to 7.2 million legal ones, or France, where as many as 17 million illegal guns overshadow 2.8 million legal ones.

If you bother to learn from history, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people stop caring whether they’re “not a law-abiding citizen” when they lose respect for the law and the people who inflict it on them.

J.D. Tuccille
December 3, 2013
Connecticut Shouldn’t Be Surprised That “Fewer People Than Expected Have Registered Weapons”
[H/T to Sebastian.

I expect the registration rate in Connecticut will be much lower than that in either Germany or France. And if you could get a police officer to talk to you about the “benefits” of the registration be prepared for a 10 minute profanity laced rant about how it makes their job more difficult. People that used to cooperate with police will now regard them as suspect and the enemy.—Joe]


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  1. I have a modest proposal regarding vociferously anti-gun cops. In a moment of crisis, when a righteous armed citizen would come to the aid of a righteous cop, do nothing for the anti-gun badge thug. If they want to be the only folks around with guns, let them. Then let them bear the cost of their contempt for our persons and liberties. Keep your gun in its holster until a genuinely innocent life is at stake. If the cop dies, it’s his blood on his own head. If they have no duty to protect us, and insist on leaving us defenseless to boot, why should we defend them?

  2. I’m a retired cop, and I agree with Andrew, because I support the Constitution and expect others to do so as well. In the case of a cop in a gunfight, living my Constitution and being known for that good aspect might save my life, but I also know that instances of armed citizens intervening to tip the scales in gunfights are few and far between. I follow this interest area of the pro-2A scene, and I have heard of exactly one such case in the past three or four years, that being the guy who made the amazing, long-range .357 shot to take out a cop’s ambusher.

    So, getting much pro-2A mileage out of this sentiment seems a dim prospect, but broadcasting it might just tip some 2A-neutral cops over to the Dark Side, seems to me. As a Deputy Sheriff from 1973-2003, I worked with both kinds of cops.

    The anti-2A side of cops is composed almost entirely of Command Officers, and they are unlikely to actually be in harm’s way very often, so the results of this Constitutional experiment would show up skewed, anyway.

  3. There’s a word for a place where the cops job is easy. Its called a “Police State”.

    Also given the “Three Felonies a Day” argument, there is NOBODY with total respect for the law, its an impossibility.

  4. It’s not just loss of respect. It’s being told you are a criminal over and over again and just saying ok fine since I am a criminal why should I obey this law.

  5. It’s still entirely possible to live a moral, upstanding life while ignoring malem prohibitum laws. But once essentially forced into the non-law-abiding category, the temptation certainly exists to expand that level of disdain for other such laws.

    The anti-gun lawmakers may well reap what they sow.

  6. But in this day and age police are the enemy. Nowadays one goes out of their way to avoid them.

  7. Anything I might have to say on the issue would almost certainly be preserved and cataloged by a government agency.

  8. Joe, you make this sound like a bug when, in fact, they (the fascist control freaks) consider it a feature. They can send people who disagree with them to jail any time they want by coming up with a bogus reason for a search warrant. Their friends can illegally keep their guns, but the rest of us better follow the Party line “or else”. This is the reason that they push stupid laws like this, their enemies are unlikely to follow them and can be jailed at their whim.

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