Markley’s Law in Playboy

This is in the 2014 Jan/Feb issue of Playboy magazine (page 238):


As Barb said when I showed it to her, “I can barely get the joke.”

Could it be they actually think in those terms and it make sense to them?

Via email from Jay F. who says, “Perhaps the antis really are addicted to this sort of thing.”


6 thoughts on “Markley’s Law in Playboy

  1. What’s the issue? She’s saying he’s great in bed?

    Am I missing something here?

  2. Wait, wait, wait, Playboy went bimonthly? This is bigger news than the hoplophobia.

  3. Classic projection. It makes perfect sense once you realize leftists are almost universally mentally ill, or at best have a tenuous grasp on objective reality.

  4. Misandrists. It’s a war on men I tells ya. Where’s the university Men’s Studies program, wherein I can learn to be pathologically offended at stuff like this, and at virtually everything else?

  5. So the 50 year old flagship magazine of the sexual revolution is losing money and publishing only 6 issues a year while mocking over half of their audience.
    I’m certain there’s no correlation.

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